FS: Customised/reborn Orange P7 Klunker

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  • I've detailed this in my CP thread but brief history of it would be...

    It started as a 2007 Orange P7, owned by a colleague of mine who crashed it into a tree bending the top and down tubes. He got a replacement bike and some time later I bought the crashed frame and some parts from the original build off him.

    I cut out the bent tubes (basically the whole front triangle) and then for good measure I got rid of the seatstays to build my own (I don't really know why, they were already a wishbone as is my taste and there was nothing wrong with them but there you are).

    So it's the dropouts, chainstays, bb shell and seattube from the P7, the rest is of my making. I think the top toptube is a butted Zona one, the lower toptube and seat stays are plain gauge 4130, the headtube is a 44mm unit machined by Ted James.

    There's a triple bottle boss on the downtube and a normal one under the 2nd toptube. There is also the original one on the seattube. There are barrel braze ons on the seatstays at the dropouts and 'mid-blade' and the top of the stays have a bottle boss in as well so plenty options should you want to chuck any sort of rack or luggage support on there for bikepacking duties.

    It has sliding dropouts, currently wearing the ss ones. I have a geared dropout for it but there is no longer any gear cable routing. The cable routing is now limited to ziptie guides going to the rear disc brake mount via toptube and seatstay. I'll include that geared dropout and a spare nds one I have too.

    It fits a 26 x 2.8" tyre, has a 68deg hta with a 450mm fork and I also ran it with a 140mm travel Fox that made it a bit slacker and worked nicely. BB drop is minimal (I think it was 25mm with the 450mm fork) so you pretty much aren't getting pedal strike unless you run 190mm cranks or something! I used it with straight 1 1/8" forks but with a different lower cup it could be used with tapered forks.

    The paintjob is rattlecan yellow with a little pot of turquoise paint poured over from the head tube. It was mean to be a Yeti tribute. The paint is a bit chipped up but there's a couple coats of zinc rich primer under it and a coat of Dinitrol corrosion inhibitor inside it so you don't need to worry about it rusting.

    I'd like £200 for the frame, dropouts, seatclamp and the headset and I'll post it to you for that as I'm in Glasgow.

    These photos make the paint look better than it currently is as I took them just after painting it.

  • Currently looks more like this...

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  • With a 450mm rigid fork...

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  • Awesomeness

  • Sick

  • So dope

  • Big ups

  • Has anyone said “epic” yet?


  • OT, but can I ask what lens you're using here? It's lovely.

  • Think it’d have been the 100mm 2.8 macro lens on the Canon 5dmk1.

  • Merci. Glws, properly cool

  • Fucking hell! This is beyond rad! I may be a tad dense here but what is the sizing/geometry? Apologies if you've already said, I've been dazzled by the klunker'y goodness!

  • That's really nice

  • what is the sizing/geometry?

    Sorry, don't know how I missed that!

    Seattube is 22"/56cm c2t and 17.5"/44cm c2c.
    Toptube is 23"/58cm c2c.
    With a 450mm fork it has a 68deg hta and 71.5deg sta.

  • That is a brilliant frame!

    Would it work with a fork that has an AC 465mm? I have a rigid 29er fork that's suspension corrected for 80mm in the parts pile.

    From the sizes you mentioned above would the frame fit someone who is 6ft?

  • Yeah it’d definitely work with that.

    I’m 6’2 so I reckon you’d be just fine on it.

  • Id on bars my man?

  • Stainless triumph Bonny copies.

    Not light.

  • Cheers. What size seatpost does it take?

  • 27.2mm.

    There is a shim to bring it down to that size but without it it’s some weird obscure size, 29.6 or something

    That’s the setup from Orange.

  • Trying it on ebay.


FS: Customised/reborn Orange P7 Klunker

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