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  • Frame – Titanium on one Inbred 456
    Size 20 inch which means a 24.2 inch top tube, set up for me at 185cm, geometry available online.
    Crucially this has the bullet style rear dropouts which as well as looking lovely, are super tough.
    Frame is great condition, not used hard, and could easily be polished up to look mint

    Fork is a Rock Shox revelation U turn 130mm dual air fork, which I de-stickered and gave a full service this summer, and has been ridden maybe twice since.

    Drivetrain is 10 x 3 speed SLX with a clutch rear mech, which is all pretty new.
    Wheels are slx hubs on beefy 521 rims and pretty much new Maxiss tyres
    Brakes are Avid Elixiir CR , 203 front and 180 rear
    Headset hope, Thomson stem, fsa riser bars.
    Flite saddle on a USE suspension post. I really rate these posts and would happily keep this and replace with a basic dropper post . Flite is older than the bike, but comfy and I would knock off a few quid to keep it.

    This was the bike to have a few years ago. I have ridden a lot of MTB’s over the years, and I really rate how this rides on the north & south downs and the odd trail centre .
    Currently set up to get you over anything, but with some skinnier tyres and the forks wound down to their 100mm setting would even make a tough touring bike, especially with all the braze ons – in face I met a chap in the alps doing just this.

    Should keep it, but something needs to go.

    £700 pick up in SW11

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  • Great deal these are great frames

  • Thanks for comment. These were made by a few different companies, and as well as the curved top tube , the down tube has been flared .
    Had a few questions, but no takers yet.
    Will add some new spds at the asking price.

  • I'd be all over this if I wasn't broke. Glws.

  • Thats great. Looks like one of the first ones from the original collaboration. Got loads of awards when it came out.

  • Thanks guys.
    I do wonder who made it, as cannot find any online with the cool rear dropouts. Reminds me of the welding on an old fat Chance ti frame .
    Will leave it here for a few days , and the try something elsewhere .

  • I seem to remember....

    It was actually made by Lynskey for On-One in about 2007. It was a collaboration project for two models; this Ti456, and the Ti29er. 250 of each were made. Lynskey had not long re-started and were keen to start making more modern hardtails and 29ers, which was why they collaborated with that bloke at On-One. The Ti29er was essentially a copy of the Inbred 29. You can see the similarity in the downtube between the Ti29er and Ti456. Vertical oval at head tube, Horizontal oval at bb. I bought a Ti29er which still have. There are some pics of it in one of my threads.

    The Ti456 won hardtail of the year in a couple of the mags at the time. Guy Kestevan called it the best hardtail eva. This has the chainstay brace on the rear NDS so isnt one of the very, very first, but one of the original 250. Later Ti456s were made by Van Nicholas and then Walty.


  • Thanks for info , so limited edition then. Hmm... seen a few tagged as Lynskey but none with the bullett dropouts. Being an old one may explain that though.

  • The bullet dropout may suggest its van nic version, but the decals are the same as mine. I cant remember tbh! What does the sticker at the top of the seat tube under the top tube say?

  • Says built in Tennessee and made to go fast.
    So Lynskey then and thanks for your help.
    I have never read that sticker, crazy..

  • Ah cool. I thought it was. Somewhere, maybe at top of NDS Seat stay it will say "Made by David Lynskey" in handwriting (its actually a Sticker)

  • That sticker is long gone ...

  • One bump and price drop to £650 to get this sold locally before I offer elsewhere .
    Guaranteed to make you instantly RAD !

  • Perfect all round bike, would love it but I’m too ickle

  • How old are you , will you grow ?

  • So nice, so tempting. If only it could take bigger wheels than 26" :( have a bump and GLWS

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FS: Titanium Mountain Bike

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