COVID-19 vaccines

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  • A friend of mine got her second in the UK after having first in USA. Not even a British citizen. Was no bother for her. Not sure if she was just lucky though

  • Double Pfizered as of 1 hour ago

  • It seems somewhat arbitrary depending on where you go and if they've got expiring vaccine to use up or not. If they have booking no-shows they tend not to turn away the walk-ins so much.

  • Yes it does seem getting it in UK is easy. I wonder if they will authenticate my catalan one into the NHS app. As currently, if I have both in the cataloan passport app, I will still have to quaranteen. Very silly, to not approve at least European vaccine passports for non quarantine.

  • Don't want to make it too easy for all those bloody forrins to come over here, to the land of sunlit uplands.

  • It's frustrating for my old man, he needs to come back to see his mother, but will have to isolate as french. weird.

  • Yep, it's all a right old PITA. It's now nearly 16 months since I last saw Cycliste in person rather than on WhatsApp.

  • Crikey, that's a long time, sympathies.

  • Seems I had one of the Indian AZ batch as my first. Have no plans to travel for a while so I'm sure approval will all be sorted at some point soon. Completely happy that it's the same as any other batch so no concerns there but interesting to be caught in the international approvals mess for a bit.

  • Got my second Pfizer today, was their last booking of the day and they were phoning me to make sure I would show up as they had walk-ins they could give it to. They were turning people away when I got there as they said it would lead to wastage as wasn't enough people to use up a complete batch. Was quite impressed with how diligent they were being to maximise usage.

  • 48hrs post Pfizer #2 and only have the dead arm, no other side effects. Ms_com had hers this morning and is having a bit of a lie down, but we're not sure if that from being at the beach all day yesterday or the jab

  • Had my 2nd Pfizer jab yesterday morning, spent the day clearing out the loft and didn't notice any thing. Woke up with a slightly sore arm but nothing more than if I had a small bruise and that's pretty much gone now.

  • Hilarious conversations in the Draw-The-Line-at-Two-Kids-TW-Household between Mrs-TW-Otherwise-Like-Clockwork and Mr-TW-Shoots-Blanks-After-Having-The-Sni­p, when her period was 5 days late following AZ2

  • Moderna 2 yesterday morning. Fine other than sore arm until bed time yesterday then had 12 hours of Fever/Aches, very very similar to how I felt with the rona itself last year. Had to ring in sick to work this morning but I think things are recovering now, will see what happens when the painkillers wear off…

  • those other wait-for-the-second-line-to-appear tests are widely available.
    myself I'm blaming early menopause, although who the fuck knows.

  • Thanks to @bananaskid and my friendly neighbour nurse I got off my arse and went to Central Middlesexytime and got jabbed. Absolutely masssive queue that was so big I turned around and decided I wouldn't bother, then I had second thoughts so locked up and went and asked if they were doing 2nd jabs of AZ. They were so I proceeded to queue for 2hrs. A bunch of peeps seemed to leave when they said they'd be close doors at 19:50 but we JUST snuck in and got done. Even when I left there were still people lined up so I think they were going above and doing everyone who rocked up.

    Anyway, they're doing it again today from 2pm but I'd suggest getting there early. The nurse there said people were lining up from 1-1:30 for the 2pm start.

  • Other half went to Somerset Gardens walk in centre for dose 2 of Moderna - mad queues even at 8:00 on a Sunday. Successfully jabbed though. They're doing second doses for anybody who had dose 1 before the 15th of June, times get posted on here:­nts/coronavirus-covid-19-haringey-togeth­er/health-advice/vaccines-and-vaccinatio­ns#clinics

  • booked for 2nd pfizer here in cat tomorrow, super greatful

  • Done.

    Pray for me while I try to get one country to recognise both doses and issue a full certificate.

  • Good luck. The NHS pass verification app is available to download today. It can't verify an NHS Covid Pass paper letter issued by the NHS.

  • Ha.

    I have emailed my GP, we will see.

  • Had my 2nd Pfeizer shot this morning, while the first was without any reactions this one for sure hit me harder.
    Headache, ear pain and a bit fever feeling.
    Nothing too dramatic but also not pleasant.

  • 2nd AZ didn't have the second day zombie effect for me. Arm less sore too.

  • I can update your local GP records with this – however please note that vaccines provided overseas do not currently feed into the NHS app .


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COVID-19 vaccines

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