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  • So, anyone know an NHS place that'll do AZ earlier than 8 weeks? :0)

  • Had 2nd Pfizer jab on Monday morning. Felt fine until about 9pm when I was suddenly really tired, started feeling achey and developed a splitting headache. Woke up the next day with a splitting headache, really achey all over and not much appetite (very unusual for me). Paracetamol dealt with the headache and muscle aches but felt really groggy and low energy. A walk to the park and back had me needing an afternoon nap! Felt much better by the time i needed to go to sleep when I was of course wide awake from napping šŸ˜‚ Men may want to cover their eyes for the next bit, but have slight menstrual cycle disturbance today of bleeding between cycles which I have never had before, so seems likely itā€™s connected. Worth mentioning for any other women reading (jab received in week 2 of cycle). Dr Jen Gunter has written a few pieces about the relationship between vaccines (in general) and the menstrual cycle. Largely poorly studied (usual excuses, too hard because women have different hormone levels across their cycle) but essentially disturbances are normal post vaccine.

  • Menstrual cycle disturbances seem common after any immune response (vaccine or illness) what I haven't seen is whether this is particularly worse or longer-lasting with the covid vaccines. Other theories I've read are that lock-down lifestyle changes and underlying stress of the pandemic are also contributing.

  • Obvs won't go into personal details but we had a minor menstrual disturbance in our household after Pfizer 1. (Was encouraged to contribute this)

  • Same, but more of a re-aligning, oddly.

  • I have been looking for Pfizer for a daughter.. She is now dissecting the stuff in getjabbed on reddit, which seems to have a decent list each day on where is doing what

  • i got my second pfizer at a walk-in in tooting. They advertised an 8 week gap but accepted anyone who have 6 weeks gap

  • I doubt it is any worse than other vaccines, I've had no cause to get any other vaccines as an adult to notice any side effects. The issue is the medical gender gap - that very, very few studies record menstural cycle disturbances even though it's a key metric of health in people who menstruate. That needs to change.

  • @hippy you got a bike you can lock?

    i got my second pfizer at a walk-in in tooting. They advertised an 8 week gap but accepted anyone who have 6 weeks gap

  • Yeah, I checked that but didn't find anything I could zip over to during lunch.
    I'll just wait and see if something crops up but it's looking like waiting is better for AZ anyway even if it does cost me extra for tests in Spain.

  • Think you need 1st jab to be Pfizer for that though.

  • Just got my second Pfizer jab exactly 28 days after my first at the Sir Ludwig Gutmann in Stratford. The whole process took about 3 minutes, now just waiting my 15 minutes.

  • I have been looking for Pfizer for a daughter.. She is now dissecting the stuff in getjabbed on reddit, which seems to have a decent list each day on where is doing what

    SW London map that shows which walk-in and pop up clinics are giving out which vaccines:-Ā­an-you-get-vaccinated/vaccination-walk-iĀ­n-clinics/

    (No idea if this is available for other areas, this is just the link I was sent.)

    The clinic list below the map will also state what age groups they are accepting and other conditions. All of them I've looked at say 8 weeks from 1st jab.

  • Yung Bludz

    AZ is 8 weeks wait between jabs everywhere it seems.

  • @hippy doing 21+ AZ

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  • Where's it mention 1st to 2nd dose gap?

    Thanks though. Let me check 'em out.

  • You can now book your second vaccine at eight weeks through the national booking system.

    We are also trying to offer people their second vaccine as soon as possible, this may mean you are contacted and invited in for your second dose earlier than you expected.

    Some walk-in slots are also available for second vaccines - please look here for availability.Ā­us/nhs-covid-19-vaccination-programme

    But again, that might mean people who were expecting 12 weeks get called at 8 weeks.

  • On Reddit people were confirming they could theirs after 21 days

  • The news is speaking about a possible third call in September, I'm wondering if now we have to continue with the same vaccine. Kind of trapped.

  • Spanks. Found out tonight one of my neighbours is actually working there so she's asking around about AZ for old fucks specifically. Sounds like Wembley will also do sooner than 8 weeks but it's better to wait as long as possible so I might give it another week.

  • I'm wondering if now we have to continue with the same vaccine.

    The Government's hamfisted plan seems to be to create a new variant that will escape the existing vaccines, in which case a 3rd shot of any of the current vaccines will be relatively pointless.

    It may not be specific Government policy but by opening up on an entirely arbitrary (date not data) "freedom day" at a point where ~85% of adults have had at least one jab and daily infection levels are reaching new highs they are creating the absolute perfect conditions for a virus to mutate to escape the current vaccines:

    The combination of high prevalence and high levels of vaccination creates the conditions in which an immune escape variant is most likely to emerge. The likelihood of this happening is unknown, but such a variant would present a significant risk both in the UK and internationally.

    Is that some loon suggesting this? Nope. It's SAGE (and not Indy SAGE but the real SAGE) as published on the UK Gov website:-Ā­ns/sage-93-minutes-coronavirus-covid-19-Ā­response-7-july-2021/sage-93-minutes-corĀ­onavirus-covid-19-response-7-july-2021

  • Had 2nd jab yesterday. Felt fine for first 11 hours. Went for a long run, no symptoms at all.

    11 hours after injection the injection site suddenly got super sore and had a low grade fever and vivid dreams overnight. Feel pretty much fine this morning though, other than a deltoid muscle that feels like it's been twatted with a hammer.

  • The likelihood of this happening is unknown

    That's as very important part of what you've quoted. Noting the risk is their job. And being aware of it important. But I'm not reading it as a suggestion to extend/reintroduce lockdowns. In fact, they also note benefits of unlocking sooner rather than later:

    1. Delaying Step 4 by four weeks from 21 June 2021 has allowed many more vaccinations to be administered and moved the end of restrictions to a time point close to the school holidays, when transmission is expected to be lower. Although a further delay to Step 4 could have some additional positive impact by allowing more people to be vaccinated, the effect of this would be much smaller than the effect of the current delay and it would push the wave further towards the autumn and winter.

    It's clearly a balancing act and they're trying to take numerous unknowns and predictions into consideration.

  • Catalunya have accepted my UK 1st dose and registered it, willing to give me 2nd here. I wounder if my GP in UK will accept the 2nd dose catalan certificate and register it there. Fat chance I bet.

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COVID-19 vaccines

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