COVID-19 vaccines

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  • After my AZ2 on Tues I’ve had zero side effects.

    Interesting about the arm, as mine was and still does hurt from AZ1. However, I’m pretty sure AZ1 was actually a different needle - larger gauge - and that the payload was bigger. AZ2 was more like the standard flu shot. I didn’t even feel it. Weird.

  • I asked at my second AZ jab: same volume each time, 0.5ml, as confirmed by the explanatory sheet of information offered at each vaccination.

  • Fair enough. Is the needle the same or was I imagining that?

  • Is it familiarity?
    I had the swine flu vaccine back in the previous decade,
    but until my AZ1, had only received the normal flu vaccine last Autumn.

    AZ1 definitely seemed to hurt more as the skin was pierced compared to AZ2.

  • Going by this (slide 7), which I can't really verify, it seems as though there are two different sizes '23g and 25g'. Presumably I got the 25g one.

    Edit: Actually 23g. Whereas it would seem that AZ2 was much more like 27g...

    God knows what 14g is for! I hope I never have to find out.

  • That's for taking stuff out, like pus gunk.

    Ask @cliveo for more details.

  • But why would Clive know about such things?

  • Blood donation is 16 to 17 gauge:-

  • The other and a her friends told me that we can reduce our appointment from 12 weeks wait to 8 weeks for our second job. Initially I tried this but the appointment times didn’t change so I kept the previous date, as one thought it was for the younger generations.

    But I think the NHS booking system didn’t update when the news came out and eventually I changed my second jab from the end of July to the beginning July.

    (Only exciting news from my week) #coolstorybro

  • Free Pfizer jab at the arts pavillion E3 4QY on the saturday 19th June 08.30 - 19.30 no NHS number needed for undocumented migrants or insecure immigration status.

  • Have quite a few non sterile sets of needles from china

  • Don't know wether I would want to get jabbed sooner or later when it comes to re-booking second jab. Sooner = protection against delta sooner. Later = better protection overall based on existing data.

  • Given that the Delta varient makes up over 95% of active cases in the UK, I'd say the answer's pretty obvious.

  • On top of what Brommers said, there is no real world data to prove longer protection. There is absolutely real world data to show a benefit vs delta.

    If all goes well then there will be very little Covid by the time we are comparing 8 vs 12 week longevity of protection

  • Also there is almost certainly going to be a booster, so longer term protection will be covered by that.

  • For Pfizer and Moderna there is no trial data showing that a >21 day dosing interval translates into better protection against symptomatic disease. There’s some evidence of greater antibody production (albeit with less T-cell mediated responses) in >80s with a longer interval. Basically I’d take whatever you can get at whatever interval is available.

  • Had my first midday yesterday and got the Pfizer, parked myself infront of my xbox with a couple of beers for the rest of the day to 'make sure I didn't overwork myself'. Have felt fine since so far, dull ache in the upper arm when moving it around but nothing more than that.

  • AZ#2. Vaccination centre (local pharmacy) also doing Pfizer. Lots of young people queuing up. I was spotted in the queue, asked if I was there for AZ#2 and pulled out the queue. Makes me feel old.

    The Pfizer younglings were being bossed around post vaccination "sit on a chair for 15 minutes and play with your phone" "how long have you been waiting? Is it 2 0r 3 minutes?". Us old people on AZ got to leave.

    Most entertainment I've had for months, would do again.

  • Moderna for me Sunday eve. Arm still feels like it's going to fall off, but not had any illness so to speak. Seems a fair trade. (Also had mad dreams, is that a moderna thing????)

  • Had second AZ last week, absolutely zero side effects (despite quite a few after the first one).

  • Had my first Pfizer jab yesterday - less than mile from my house, perfect. Arm feels pretty dead today but expected that.

    When I booked it, it had the nearest second jab being eight miles - rather annoying. So tried to look if I could get nearer & it's cancelled by second jab appointment. Now the Gov website won't let me book a second jab without booking a first again, which I obviously no longer need, & all the second jab appointments are now a month or two later!

    Does anyone know if I go to a first jab appointment again, will that be okay as my second jab?Alternatively I might just wait the minimum period & try to get a walk-in. A bit annoying as I like to have these things planned & in the calendar.

  • Does the website maybe need a day or two to acknowledge you've had the first jab?

  • Ahh that's possible. I've got at least three weeks until I'm eligible for the second so will give a week. Just want it sorted while it's at the forefront of my mind!

  • My Pfizer jab was downstairs in a hotel gym - no signal. As soon as most people realised they hotfooted out of there way before fifteen minutes had passed, aha.

  • AZ#2 this morning, in an out in under 3 minutes, didn't have to wait at any point.

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COVID-19 vaccines

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