COVID-19 vaccines

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  • so it felt like we were sleeping with someone else. :D

    Yeah lockdown one was like that....

  • No idea about the nature of the vaccines, but I know what I am like with needles. The second pfizer shot, in the other arm didn't hurt as much as the first. In fact, I'm not sure it really hurt at all.

    When I had flu shots, the injection site would hurt more than the second pfizer shot.

    The only thing I am sumising is that my left arm hurt alot more. This I would say is because I have auto immune issues with that shoulder, pre covid vaccine, pre covid so may be linked to that.

  • ended up royally pissing each other by unavoidably breathing/snoring in each others faces all night.

    That is one of the facts of living together.

  • Pfizer jabbed. Feeling grateful for the geniuses that got us here.

    Process couldn’t be smoother. Waited 3 mins in the appointment queue, got jabbed in under a minute, waited 5 mins in a separate waiting area, then gone cycling.

    Actual needle jab was instant in and out, mildly painful but not memorably so. I used to work for govt., have had like 20 jabs: rabies, Japanese encephalitis, and yellow fever were all notably more painful than this one, and took longer to apply.

    Arm a bit sore half an hour later. Culturally strange that staff didn’t show me the sealed needle, and if they sterilised my arm it was done in the same second as they jabbed my arm without me realising it. Plaster has a dab of blood, a bit more than most vaccines but nothing major.

  • This is completely unrelated to the vaccine, and was more bothersome.


  • The shirt is a good match

  • too much dutch ruddering?

    these things happen.

  • 👍 Early days are easiest. The blue-green-yellow phase is trickier.

  • My boat’s afloat.

  • Just had my second dose of blood clot death microchips. A bottle or two of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo seemed effective at preventing side effects last time, so I'm going to err on the side of caution and stick to the same routine.

  • I part blamed my first AZ jab roughness on 4 pints but felt equally as rough after the second without a drop so knock yourself out.

  • I was sober (yeah, believe!) for my first jab and it still fucked me up.

  • Were people generally ok after 24 hours of their first jab? Vaccination appt has unexpectedly come up the same week I'm planning on my first trip back to UK in 18 months... Wondering if can manage a flight the day after.

  • Very variable, I'd say. Other than a slightly sore arm for a couple of days, my first AZ jab went entirely unnoticed, and I know others in the same position. Others have been knocked for six. Luck of the draw, I suppose.

  • The only time in 28 years we swapped sides of the bed was on a Greek holiday where wife insisted she wanted to sleep by the window it was so fucking hot.

    2am she rolled over off the bed onto a tiled floor and nearly knocked herself out. Karma man.

  • I wasn't okay after 24 hours but perfectly normal after 28 hours.

  • Both fucked me up! Got given some false confidence in here for the second but unfortunately it wasn’t to be.

  • Not on AZ I wasn't. But some people have barely any symptoms and some people are fucked for a couple of days.

  • My second is scheduled before Transiberica, so that will, um, be fun.

  • Ok thanks everyone, think I will go for 48 hours

  • You can manage your booking online, I just moved my second one forward by a few days and to a closer location. Might be worth looking. Only thing is you have to cancel your current appointment before looking for another one so you may end up worse off

  • +1, I did this and ended up finding an appointment 100m from my house, vs 5 miles away!

  • I know that is not funny, but I would have laughed and taken the piss.

  • Thought I'd gotten away with my gym sesh last week as I was in alright shape Thursday and Friday but the doms are hitting today. Whole body really but injection arm the worst.

  • Yeah, I'd planned to do that but I think I have enough time to get over the jab side-effects and I'm likely racing the 12hr beforehand anyway so a jab in the middle won't make much difference to me since I'll be doing feck all anyway.

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COVID-19 vaccines

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