COVID-19 vaccines

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  • Picture stamps are still lickable, no?

  • Sounds rough but are you sure that wasn't food poisoning or some other bug?

  • Picture stamps are still lickable, no?


  • 2nd Ass2Zenaca zap.

    i feel like hammered shite, mrs hell feels NOTHING.

    shitsperm / godsperm confrimed.

  • Had my first Pfizer jab about an hour and a half ago, feeling totally fine so far, not even got an achey arm or anything. I can't remember the last time I was unwell or even under the weather (don't tell my boss) so hopefully my rock hard immune system will see my right.

    Update: my arm aches like a bastard today.

  • Fully vaccinated since Thursday.

    Bit of an ache in the arm this time but nothing major. Probably only noticed it as I was camping Friday night so not in a nice soft bed.

    Was a bit out of it last night but that’s probably got more to do with the amount I slept/drank while camping.

    They talked about my sore arm that I had reported to them and said that having the injection can make you more prone to inflammation in that area so when I used the buffer at work that’s why it was only my injection arm that hurt. Thought that was interesting.

  • I got asked to book second jab after 8 weeks.

  • I just recently recovered from Covid - was getting multiple calls a day from the NHS and another researching agency as it was identified as the Indian variant and I assume they're trying to gather as much info as possible about it.

    Absolutely no idea where I caught it, I hadn't gone to any bars or dine out since everything opened up, I cycle everywhere and limit grocery shops - I'm a notoriously paranoid person when it comes to these things but it still got me!

    Be careful with the rapid antigen tests too... Wednesday evening (showing symptoms) I tested negative twice and the next morning I tested positive twice.

  • Be careful with the rapid antigen tests too... Wednesday evening (showing symptoms) I tested negative twice and the next morning I tested positive twice.

    I think that's how they're supposed to work. LFT, uh, tests are for your day to day asymptomatic testing to see if it's got into your system and you don't know it yet. It's unlikely a PCR test will detect the virus at this point but an LFT will. LFTs stop being able to detect the virus when you develop symptoms. When you develop symptoms, you get a PCR test done.

  • That's not my understanding.

    PCR is more sensitive than LFT. If you are infected on day 0 a PCR might detected it on day 3-30 and an LFT on day 5-9.

  • Yep, I thought that was the case too. The polymerase chain reaction which gives the PCR test its name should make it far more sensitive than a lateral flow test due to the replication process carried out by the polymerase chain reaction. In the UK lateral flow tests are used to test asymptomatic people, and not PCR tests, but I don't think that's because lateral flow tests are technically better at finding infectious but asympomatic people - it's just the government doesn't want to use the more expensive PCR tests on a routine basis.

  • Booking appears to be open for at under 30s (maybe 25-29) as have managed to book mine now through NHS website

  • Officially from tomorrow it opens up to 25-29. Possibly able to slip in before that depending on where you are I guess?­un/07/people-in-england-aged-25-and-over­-to-be-invited-for-covid-jab-this-week

  • this is interesting:

    Of the 12,383 new cases as of 3 June, 464 went on to present at emergency care and 126 were admitted to hospital.
    Of those, 83 were unvaccinated, 28 had one dose of vaccine and three had both doses, he says.

    Not sure what the other 12 were but seems to suggest full vaccination accounts for 2.4% of the hospital cases at the moment.

  • Just got the moderna down in Kingston. Phone signals still a bit shit.

  • Just managed to get mine booked in Bristol (28 years old)

  • Question for the people who had a rough 24hrs after the first AZ jab, should I expect another rough period after the second?

  • 3 data points I know of (57, 53 and 48) all had rough 24 hours after first AZ jab and nothing of note after the second jab.

  • Good to know , i was knackered for a week after the first aged 56

  • Converse question: those who had no real side effects after AZ#1, other than a sore arm, any worse side effects after AZ#2. Got my second on Saturday.

  • Will let you know after Weds.

  • Can’t lie, I felt pretty rough the day after AZ#2, really tired, with a headache. Not helped by the fact that I was up from 5am with 2 kids then on Daddy duty all day. A day in bed would’ve taken all the sting out of it!!
    Edited to say - all fine the following day - was a 24hr malaise!

  • I shall await news with both hope and trepidation.

  • Any adverse effects after AZ#1?

  • More arm pain with #1, headache was similar but shorter-lived. The fatigue was what really got me with #2

    Edited to be really clear - it’s nothing worse than an all-day hangover and my wife, a nurse, would describe me as a ‘moaning lightweight’ when it comes to any illness.

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COVID-19 vaccines

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