COVID-19 vaccines

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  • Just got my first jab. All nice and quick, although 15 minute waiting room was an open air gazebo, with heavy winds and diagonal rain.
    All worth it though.

  • open air gazebo, with heavy winds and diagonal rain.

    They're recreating a traditional British barbecue to make people feel relaxed.

  • Austria, where I'm hoping to travel to with work are letting you in after 22 days from first jab but that's only valid for 3 months.

    One important caveat missing there. At present, Austria does not permit leisure travel from third country nations. I know you're only interested for work but thought I'd mention it anyway to avoid confusion.

  • All the egg timers going off, burgers need turning.

  • I’m sure there was something about a guy getting turned away at the airport for a flight to Spain as it was Spanish citizen’s and work trips only.

    Can’t find the article now of course and different parts of country might be different rules?

  • I actually didn’t realise that, I’m pretty sure scientific research is one of the things you can enter for but I’ll have to make sure if UK isn’t added to list before mid June.

  • 14 hrs post Pfizer #1 and all I have so far is a slightly tender shoulder. 🤞

  • Eu citizens or just spanish?

  • I thought it said just Spanish.

  • 32/33 yo's now; booked in for next Saturday and then in August

  • 48 hours after Pfizer 1 for me.

    Slightly sore arm. Feels like very light DOMS from a half arsed shoulder workout. Very mild headache on day 1. Two slightly restless nights of sleep. Feel fine now.

  • Just got an appointment for mine here in the Netherlands. Iḿ 52, and have my appointment for 7th June, a Jannsen jab

  • 24 hrs post Pfizer #1. Tender shoulder but not much else. Couldn't really like in even though it's my day for it. But that could be the 6 Heineken I had on a work social zoom call last night.

  • am 24 hours after my second jab of AZ and no side effects beyond the slight sore arm I had after jab 1.
    the missus just had first jab today - Pfizer. no side effects so far but am making sure she is taking it easy

  • Had my second AZ yesterday at 4. Now starting to feel crappy. Had a terrible headache on day 1 after the first and flu-like feeling on day 2 and then better so I'm hoping I'll be ok by Monday again.

  • 36 hours after my 2nd AZ jab:
    No ill effects, not even swelling or tenderness at the injection site.

  • Placibo ?

  • Had the Pfizer jab lunchtime yesterday, woke up with a very slightly sore arm but nothing else.

    So far it's all...

  • Arm is sore 2 days after Pfizer, felt a bit odd on the day and and bit achy overall yesterday.

    Might have been the chin-up workout I did on Thursday.

  • Pfizer yesterday, mildly sore arm but that's about it, pleasantly surprised as currently feel like on the cusp of burn out so was worried it might knock me sideways

  • rep for loopdaddy

  • 72hrs post Pfizer #1 - sore arm nearly gone, nothing else apart from general malaise, but that is the same every weekend.

  • Anyone else get a sore arm when they're feeling ill? Post Vax.

  • I just still have a sore arm. But after 8 weeks it's almost gone. The massage last week really helped.

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COVID-19 vaccines

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