COVID-19 vaccines

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  • For those 36 and 37, the NHS website is now letting some people book, I just booked in for Thursday, when I wasn't able to this morning.

  • Yesssssss. Appointment tomorrow at St Thomas'ssss.

  • Still not me! booooo

  • Excellent! Don't think I have ever been excited to be jabbed before...

  • via the website?

  • Cheers, good tip - just booked.

  • Yep... Might only be 37 year olds, but some 35 year olds saying they have managed to book.

  • Now I'm in! (36)

  • I'm 34 and starting to get excited / hopeful it's imminent for me too.

    How is it working - are all you sub 40 lot getting an actual choice, or is this acceleration linked to perhaps pushing the AZ jab for over 30's on the back of the Indian variant shitshow?

  • AFAIK everyone under 40 gets a proper vaccine and everyone above gets the Austin Allegro (unless you're pregnant etc, in which case proper vaccine too). Most vaccine centres only do one type, so you can guess based on what venues you're offered.

    I don't think it's an acceleration per se, they're just working through the age groups.

  • Under 40s seem to get offered a different range of venues which are ones which aren't doing the AZ. From my experience, over 40s around Kings Cross get offered the Crick which is doing AZ but under 40s get Islington Business Design Centre which is doing moderna.

  • I had mine done at Charlton House on Sunday morning, everyone there seemed to be in the under 40s group and they were using Pfizer. My partner had her two jabs at the same place ages ago (underlying condition) and she had the AZ jab.
    Easier for them to just offer a vaccine that isn't mired in controversy and avoid people turning down AZ/requesting alternative, etc.

    I had no idea which one I was going to get until I turned up.

  • Just had mine (39) and they said it was only Pfizer they were doing in what was a commandeered pharmacy in Bexley.

  • All makes sense. Thanks. Was a bit confused by all this talk of choice - which sounds like a recipe for disaster...There was also mention of throwing the AZ jab back at over 30s - I'd happily take anything right now!

  • I think when the story first came out it was billed as a choice but later that just seemed to change to give something other than AZ.

  • I got a Gp surgery text, specifying it was Pfizer. Booked for Friday.

    My sister had AZ and said she doesn’t remember ever feeling worse for 36h.
    When she described how she felt, that was me for about 8 days solid.

    Grandparents on standby in case both my wife and I suffer horribly.

  • I had the astra on friday night and i still feel rough . Commute killed me this morning . Glassy eyes and hot flushes . But hey younguns worse things have happened in night clubs. Dont let us put you off!

  • Had AZ first shot yesterday morning (33). Felt relatively fine all day then felt very weird in the evening and barely slept at all last night. Mind racing, couldn't get comfortable. This morning and today I feel like I have a horrible hangover, but without a headache - hard to explain. Had to call in sick.

  • How's your throat?

  • If I was actually hungover then it probably would be sore.

  • I also had my first AZ shot yesterday morning (I'm 41).

    Felt fine yesterday but today I feel like I have a bit of a hangover and / or comedown, and kind of like I've done too much exercise.
    Difficult to describe - still functioning but just really fucking lazy.

    Maybe I am just lazy...?

  • It is a Tuesday.

  • Better today only two post Astra Friday hot flushes and i dropped a ebike on the commute. Hopefully even better tomorrow.

  • It's got better as the day has gone on. Definitely still feel weird though. All your descriptions match what I felt/am feeling

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COVID-19 vaccines

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