COVID-19 vaccines

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  • Vaccine supply and capacity that will vary by area.

    I know 35 year olds in other parts of the country that have been able to book theirs.

  • Ah, thanks. Make sense.

  • In my very limited experience pharmacies are mostly dishing at AZ.

    If the NHS site is still not telling you what you will get what you can do is book the first and then try and book the second at a different venue. If you get a much smaller list of options then you are probably getting Moderna or Pfzier, if the range of second locations is similar in size then you are probably AZ.

  • As Greenbank says, probably area based. I did nothing special, just let me through where before it was saying ineligible.

  • When I booked on the NHS website the only venues offered were big ones (and not that many of them). My understanding was that if you wanted local GPs, etc then you had to do that through your GP.

  • Ah, I don’t mind what I get to be honest but was just an observation having not seen the centres other people I know in their 40s were offered as an option.

    The NHS news update suggests it’ll be Pfizer/Moderna - ‘People 39 and under without an underlying health condition will be offered the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine in line with updated JCVI guidance last week’.­o-invite-people-aged-38-and-39-for-life-­saving-covid-19-jab/

  • No one who meets the age criteria ought to be turned away, at least if they try after 7 am tomorrow.

    Perhaps it takes a while for the changes to propagate properly.

  • If given the option, I will take an alternative. If they only offer AZ, I will take it gratefully.

  • Got a text for my GP surgery and booked for next week. I’m only 35 and in Hackney.

    My wife is 36 and registered with the same GP, no text 🤷♂️

  • same, 34 and booked for 26th

  • Text from GP today, booked in for Sunday morning. 35, Greenwich.

  • Dose 1 done, Pfizer.
    Slow going because they want you to wait 15 minutes post jab before leaving.
    Other styles do not require the wait.
    I was gonna flounce but I am actually a little dizzy.
    Will update any side effects over the next 72 hours.

  • AZ last Tuesday.

    7/10 for injection technique.

    No wait after, as I was on foot.

    Thankfully zero side effects.

  • Went to bed at 10ish last night, woke up at 320 and didn't really go back to sleep.
    Arm is heavy/numb and I feel quite spaced out, dizzy, almost drunk (but with better cognitive function)
    Taking it easy today.
    No headaches, fevers or bad stuff, just the slight discombobulation

  • Got a text yesterday afternoon at 12, look at couple of times for a time slot as everytime I checked there was either within an hour of the dates or I had to wait about two weeks till a suitable time clot ocurred.

    But after a couple of time of refreshing at 3pm there was a slot for 18:20, took that and thought it would be a 'jab and go' situation but the queue was unblieveable and almost took an hour before I got my first dose. (Pfizer)

    Long story short, got my first jab and no side affect so far and next appointment will be on the 29th.

  • I had my 2nd AZ dose booked at the Business Design Center in Islington on the 14th of June. Just got a text saying "sorry we've had to cancel your appt, the nearest center doing AZ is Francis Crick institute, please rebook using this link (legit nhs booking website)"

    So I go ahead, enter my details etc. The page still says I'm booked for the 14th of June at the Business Design Center. But there's a cancel button.

    Should I

    • do nothing, but maybe they'll turn me down on the 14th of June
    • cancel and rebook, but maybe that will push back the date for the 2nd dose to much later

  • I've heard the BDC is Modena only now, so chances are they'll turn you away. I'd like to think you'd be able to get an appointment elsewhere within the 12 week window no problem.

  • clot

    Now that's a Freudian slip and a half

  • 2nd AZ vaccine 24hrs ago. After headache, aches and pains for 48 hrs after the first, nothing at all after this one.

  • Yeah, just cancelled and rebooked at the Francis Crick Institute, was able to book one day earlier. The system told me it was the earliest available day, no idea whether that’s actually the case or based on my 1st vaccine date.

    What’s weird is that when selecting the vaccination centre the BDC still came up. Ah well.

  • Just had 1st Pfizer dose at Charlton House.

  • Injected with a astra poison on friday and absolutely nothing in me today on a ride . Couldnt even hit 15mhr or get my heart rate up !

  • Over 35s some time later this week.

    ** sharpens digital elbows **

  • come on over 30's already!

  • Got Pfizer 2 last week. No side effects off Pfizer 1. Number two stabby arm pain and general crapness + headache. Couldn’t sleep which is not a thing that happens to me.
    Other than that nothing terrible

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COVID-19 vaccines

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