COVID-19 vaccines

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  • My point was that people have been experiencing a wide range of reactions to the vaccine.

    My wonder (in that I find the mind/body link amazing) is how much of that reaction is due to the vaccine and how much is due perception. An example of this is brand painkillers working better than non brand.

  • Do you read what I have replied to?

    Oh and no neither, what are you on about?

  • Well given that just amongst people I know, symptoms after vaccine have varied from none whatsoever (me, despite anticipating being really ill) , to totally knocked out for a day and a half with temperature, etc (my partner who is almost never ill and was expecting to be fine), to another friend who was really ill for a couple of days with corresponding drop in blood oxygen levels. Basically most people I know have been either properly ill with a temperature or absolutely fine. No correlation whatsoever between expectation of being ill and subsequent symptoms. Also seemingly little correlation between having had covid or not. So I'd say that's hugely unlikely to be placebo effect. Obviously all anecdotal, but I think very very different to your example of branded vs non branded painkillers.

  • but I think very very different to your example of branded vs non branded painkillers.

    Have you looked at lowbrows link about my pain killer example? Don't you find that fascinating? Can understand if you don't.

    PS I don't believe in homeopathy either ;)

  • Right, yes, placebo effects are fascinating. But I think you'd be very hard pushed to put severe fevers or dropping blood oxygen levels down to a placebo effect in this case. But reading back a few pages I get the impression I've stumbled into one of those pointless internet debates where someone 'is just asking questions' and before you know it you're being asked to watch videos of Piers Corbyn or something and life's too short.

  • You haven't stumbled on to that kind of internet debate from me.

  • Another 600 or so vaccinated yesterday at the Science Museum, where I volunteered. Of those 600, 100 spaces were allocated for off the street walk-ins. Walk-ins were high because of a bank holiday Friday weekend being a bit quieter, but I think there will be some walk-in slots allocated in the future on a daily basis. Still have to qualify for the age groups as with normal appointments.

  • bank holiday Friday

    Was it a Bank Holiday yesterday? I think I'm out of touch with what's going on WFH for a year.

  • Cool location.

  • tooth-grinding annoyance

    It’d be nice if ignore also hid replies to the ignored.

  • What was the original waiting period between shots one and two, before we extended it to get more shot one vaccinated people?

  • Manufacturer label says 21 days for Pfizer, 28 for Moderna and AstraZeneca. My parents got both their Pfizer jabs early enough to get the 21 day gap.

  • My other half got Moderna this morning at the Business Design Centre. I waited outside and can report about 1 in 20 arrived on a Brompton. An ambulance also arrived with blue flashing lights.

  • Got my first AZ dose yesterday afternoon, was okay last night just a bit of a sore arm but have woken up feeling very average this morning. Day off!!

  • I had my first dose of AZ on Sunday afternoon at the Excel centre. I was impressed by the setup there.

    On Monday I was ok in the morning but then felt quite weird (aching all over) in the afternoon and went to bed. Was fine the next morning though.

  • have woken up feeling very average this morning. Day off!!


  • Headache, aches and pains all over, fatigued... Very average!!!

  • Had my first Pfizer on Tuesday at Guys Vaccination Centre 2.
    Just finding it uncomfortable to lift the arm above my head. All good otherwise.
    God bless the NHS.

  • NHS vaccine booking site showing as unavailable. The optimist in me hopes this is because they are updating the criteria for eligibility. Previously when it was just that it was busy, there was a different message, not just that it was unavailable.

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COVID-19 vaccines

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