COVID-19 vaccines

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  • Checked on my Poundland 3 packets for a pound paracetamol and they contain nothing but paracetamol and filler.

  • But then branded pain killers work better than off brand....people.

  • Poundland 3 packets for a pound paracetamol

    Interesting. MHRA best practice says don’t sell more than two packs in any one transaction and don’t use offers that encourage the sale of more than one pack.

  • Famously- they do:­/­6?ijkey=fb5048752fd3eb9036a2a0970f84a8d3­d24eab82&keytype2=tf_ipsecsha­58/6359/105

    @jellybaby's point is valid, and on Poundland's website they have Anadin (a brand name) only available in single packs, of 12, for....£1

    Boots/ Superdrug own brand is where its at. #paidbybigpharma.

  • Took paracetamol last night when I started to feel rough and a little dizzy. Slept until 6am when I woke up feeling like I had been run over by a steam roller. Took more paracetamol and felt tired but ok until just now when that dose wore off and I began aching again. Not terrible but not great. Thankfully it reassures me that the vaccine is likely doing its job.

  • Had AZ jab Sat am, felt shit all day Sunday, fine, if a bit tired since then. From what I've heard, AZ jab has more side-effects on the first dose and if you've already had the Covid.

    More importantly, I got a sticker AND a badge.

  • Damn you, I got a card but no lollipop or badge.

  • had my AZ jab yesterday, little bit achy today but otherwise fine (i also got a badge)

  • It is interesting, but been like that for years. Same offer for three boxes of ibuprofen.

    I'll get a photo next time I buy some as I'm consuming them with naproxen for the last few months.

  • You and I may have discussed this a few times.....people.

    EDIT: Also cheaper in poundland, 48 tablets for £1

  • List of two letter bastards


  • We don't need no stinkin' badges, etC

  • I don’t want to offend lynx but anyone in Manchester need a vaccine and over 30? Holy trinity in platfields.

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  • 2 jabs Damo. That's what they call me.

  • DPD. Double Prick Damo

  • Massive Prick Damo.

    I don't want people to assume I'm some sort of genetic weirdo.

  • Apologies if it’s been answered already, but is there any study comparing the prevalence of side effects from covid vaccines to other vaccines? I’m not sure if I’m wording my searches wrong or if there aren’t any.

  • Now available to those over 42.

    Fill your boots.

  • how have people who experienced side effects found the second AZ jab compared to the first?

  • Yep, I was going to ask the same.

  • had the second AZ on Sunday. No side effects (except mild arm ache).

    (Felt shite after the first one).

  • Felt shit after az1. Wiped out properly for a whole day.
    Mild headache and early bed on az2 injection day. Bit fuzzy on day 2. Ok.

  • Very heartening, cheers. Also had a dreadful time after the first one (still glad I got it mind you), glad to hear it's unlikely to happen again.

  • Had 2nd dose of sinopharm on monday. Slept horribly on monday night and didn't feel amazing on tuesday, though possibly due to gorging myself on cheese at a business lunch. Arm isn't sore at all. I got a sticker and a certificate - my health code now links to an electronic version of the certificate too. I'm the first in the office to be fully vaccinated, hope I get some social credit points.

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COVID-19 vaccines

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