COVID-19 vaccines

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  • Still no side effects here. Did Alpe de Zwift yesterday evening, albeit at tempo rather than threshold, and a spirited 20 mile ride in the sun this afternoon. My arm is still slightly sore - when I caught it on a cupboard door yesterday some naughty Mummy-and-Daddy-only-special-words were said - but other than that, still nothing.

  • Was meant to have my jab today but when I got there I'm told no, there is a booking error.

    So I have one in a weeks time, but they said if I cancel it after midnight and rebook, I might get something sooner.

    But of course I might get one later.

    What to do, stick, or twist?

    I really wanted my jab today. I've been shielding for a year.

    edit: decided to stick

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  • In Manchester you can just rock up to a pop up vaccine centre if you have been shielding and they will jab you on the spot.

  • I had my first AZ jab in March 22nd, 51, good health, no underlying issues... I had an horrendous first night, chills, night terrors, no fucking sleep, but was ok, if a bit spangled the next day.
    I’ve now had what seems to be hayfever since....? I’ve not suffered before, and it is easing with anti histamines, but I’m still snotty and generally feeling a bit shit. What does hayfever feel like? Or have I got some sort of long term reaction?

  • I'm going to be staying with my elderly parents for a while soon. Mum has stage 3 Alzheimers and Dad has been caring for her for the last year and needs to decompress a bit. Thought I'd speak to my GP about whether staying with a vulnerable person to care for them would qualify me for a vaccine but apparently this is not the case.

    I'm not feeling hard done by about this. I just thought that if I was going to be staying with somebody who is vulnerable, taking them to hospital and doctors appointments and travelling about a bit it might make sense but clearly not. I'm 39 so probably won't have to wait long for a jab, just would have given me a bit of peace of mind if I had it before I stay with Mum & Dad.

  • Go to a pop up and explain your situation. They had a quiet patch at one near me in Manchester the other day and started doing over 30s which is how I got one. Last Friday another pop up had excess and were doing anyone at the end of the day. If you go and ask to speak to the dr present there’s a good chance they will just say get in the queue.

  • I felt like death for 24hrs post mine so don’t plan to do anything strenuous the next day.

  • Er, 4 hours and no comment, I await your flaming.

  • 5 days on and I'm still not 100%. Felt utterly shit on Monday, not great on Tuesday but it was way easier because I could hide in a quiet lab at work and wasn't doing childcare or chores, Wednesday the smallest of physical jobs at work was destroying me, yesterday walk to the highstreet to get some lunch at work left me feeling like I'd run 10k there. Still got the migraine today. Quite bored of it now tbh, especially since I'd only just got over a bout of man flu the week before.

  • I've got my second dose (sinopharm) booked for 10 days time, this time I've been sensible and arranged it for work time rather than doing it at the weekend. I'm looking forward to there being some studies on having multiple vaccines, as I can't help but be sceptical about the mystery liquid I was injected with.

  • zapped. when does the shitshow start?

  • Had my first AZ dose 48hrs ago and have suffered no side effects whatsoever. Considering myself fortunate, although a colleague said it was a couple of days before he started feeling rough.

    Arm has been slightly hurty, but I guess that's the needle rather than the vaccine.

  • I had mine a while ago (second is tomorrow actually). Sore arm for a few days. Felt a bit iffy the day after. Something between a slight hangover/beginning of a flu. Probably placebo. Nothing to write home about.

    I include this very exciting story with the hope of this thread not becoming a home for people self-reporting their adverse reactions. Most people will get it, and get on with their lives without much to talk about (and therefore, not talk about it).

  • Most people will get it, and get on with their lives without much to talk about

    Which is why it is important that those that have no reaction talk about it as much as those that do. If those of us impatiently for the call only hear tales of woe they will be less likely to have the jab.

  • Which is why it is important that those that have no reaction talk about it as much as those that do.

    Exactly. That was my point. As was the case with the other covid thread for quite a while, these threads can become really unhelpful for those with any anxieties around these things.

  • In that case I'd like everyone to know I still have no side effects at all and the sore arm has worn off.

  • Resorted to a Livi appointment yesterday afternoon because I was getting worried about the ongoing pounding migraine which had changed sides. Doc went through a huge list of questions but was totally honest about the fact that he was covering new ground and they don’t yet have the answers. Did some physical which included bending down touching my toes and holding, to see what the change in headache was, then mimicking blowing up a balloon. Both of these intended to increase the pressure in the head to highlight a potential clot. No warning signs of anything serious.

    Summary was that I’ve had a fairly strong post-viral reaction to the vaccine, but traditionally that’s been considered a good thing because it means my immune system has recognised it and done something.

    Key things related clots to watch out for are:
    -sudden blurred vision, halo or extreme sensitivity to light
    -sudden very painful headache which feels like an impact
    -breathlessness or chest pain

    I recommend doing a Livi video appointment if you’re in any doubt. It’s a bit of reassurance talking to a professional, you can see someone within a couple of hours and they won’t hesitate sending you in for a scan if they think anything is wrong.

  • Also, follow-up to @jellybaby I know maybe ~100 people who have had AZ now, relations and at work. Only three of us have had a strong reaction, the majority almost no side effects at all.

  • rough night of cold sweats and fuck all sleep, ok-ish now - just cream crackered.

    Mrs Hell? absolutely nothing.

    I am clearly made of shitsperm, she of Godsperm.

  • Where are we keeping the covid vaccine conspiracy posts? I don’t want to pollute otherwise good threads with rubbish, but I think there is value to be gleaned from understanding what’s going through some of these people’s heads.

  • If the general consensus is ‘anywhere else on the internet’, that’s fine.

  • This thread would be a good starting point:­98/

  • 👍 Forgot about that. Thanks.

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COVID-19 vaccines

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