COVID-19 vaccines

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  • how soon after the az jab does one die of blood clots ?

    *5 days since jab

  • So that was the firmware update I felt?

  • The guidance is to seek urgent medical attention if you have these symptoms more than 4 days and within 28 days of coronavirus vaccination:

    new onset of severe headache, which is getting worse and does not respond to simple painkillers
    an unusual headache which seems worse when lying down or bending over, or may be accompanied by blurred vision, nausea and vomiting, difficulty with speech, weakness, drowsiness or seizures
    new unexplained pinprick bruising or bleeding
    shortness of breath, chest pain, leg swelling or persistent abdominal pain­ns/covid-19-vaccination-blood-clotting-i­nformation-for-healthcare-professionals/­information-for-healthcare-professionals­-on-blood-clotting-following-covid-19-va­ccination

  • Headache is full on kicking in now. Feel slightly nauseous. Slight temperature on forehead..

  • You all right?

  • Didn't sleep much at all, massive headache and a bit of a fever. Got a few hours sleep this afternoon and feel a bit livelier. Still have a bit of a headache and my forehead is warm

  • Feel fine today. Sore arm that's about it.

  • I felt hungover the day after.

  • Hmm...Got a text this evening saying that 'Due to vaccine supply considerations, your COVID-19 vaccination appointment has been changed.' Was supposed to have second jab on May 10th, now moved to this Monday April 12th.

  • AZ about an hour ago. Now for a big roast dinner and settle down and hope the reaction isn’t too bad.

    Worrying quite a lot about blood clots now, so if there are any anti-vaxxers reading then FUCK YOU for making me feel like this. Fuck you and your shitty campaigns; go fuck yourselves, you’re nothing to me but dog shit.

  • Look at the stats, you're more likely to stub your toe or fall over in the shower than get a blood clot.

  • I had my second Pfizer on Thursday afternoon. Used my wife’s cross trainer on Friday which was ok, cycling yesterday and today was a bit of a struggle.
    My wife and B-in-law had it at the same time and she was feverish on Friday he was unaffected.

  • more likely to stub your toe

    But I stub my toe all the time!

  • I was wiped out again today. Sore arm intensified and headache, although not pounding, certainly felt it

    But mainly just tired and difficult to be vertical

  • Had my AZ jab this afternoon. No side effects so far, and the two members of my family who've had AZ had no side effects, so I'm hoping it runs in the family. I've bought some paracetamol just in case, but at the moment I'm self-medicating with Montepulciano d'Abruzzo.

  • Went to bed with a bit of a migraine headache and feeling a bit virusey. Put the aches down to a very cold ride in the morning which took its toll. Woke up with the migraine and upper arm is a bit sore. Pretty sure my face and forehead feels a bit hot too. Currently trying to mask all the above with strong coffee and paracetamol. Will try to add bacon and scrambled eggs to that in a bit.

  • 24 hours in and my arm is very slightly sore. Other than that, nada.

  • AZ jab 1 week a go, feel more shite now than i have the last few days. Arms ached for the firt day. Second day i woke a little groggy and wasnt a fan of bright sunshine.

    I've had a funny smell/taste going on a bit like perfume with a hint of acetone and lacquer. I can still taste stuff ok but theres a persistant hint of something weird. Ive had strange feelings on the crown of my head - a slight headache. Ive noticed that i sweat more in a warm environment and i ache more the following day after an exertion - did some work under my car swapping an exhaust and today im knackered/achey. Ive done it loads of times in the past but never really suffered for it. In general a bit of this n that all over but not horrendous.

    long covid vaccine?

  • Well I felt absolutely shite yesterday. Pounding migraine, aches and virusey, no strength and sunlight was unbearable. Was on childcare duty and also had to drive OH to a hospital appointment. Quite looking forward to going to work today where at least I can hide in the quiet most of the day and maybe get a sleep in the car at lunchtime.

  • I had my first vaccine (AZ) almost 4 weeks ago. My arm still hurts. It's not a big deal but it's noticeable and certain movements make it really hurt. Should I report it? Or, no big deal and it's just a bruised muscle taking its time to heal.

  • Odd question: Who did yours? My sister who is a nurse had hers done by a doctor, and he really mangled the process, as he is just not used to doing jabs compared to a nurse who does it day in, day out, so you may be suffering from poor jab technique.

  • I’d report it. Might’ve been an unfortunate jab, but the more info available to scientists on the vaccines’ effects and side-effects, the better.

  • Pretty sure a doc, but it was very smooth and almost painless at the time (I get flu jabs most years and they're a lot worse, apparently I'm not very good at relaxing my muscles so I was making a special effort!). It's a slight ache that turns into a sharper pain if I use that muscle in certain positions. Just seems odd that it hasn't gone away yet.

  • True, I'll give it to the end of the week and report. Seems a bit trivial, but data is data.

  • Just got my call up, South london, 45, no health issues

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COVID-19 vaccines

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