COVID-19 vaccines

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  • Well this won’t help the booster drive.­69

  • The article still says this:

    The study also shows the jab's ability to stop people catching Omicron
    starts to wane 10 weeks after a booster dose.

  • Do you believe people against the booster will get that far?!

  • What have I missed? Who are the people against the booster? They're for people who've already had two vaccines.

  • There must be drop off at every stage of the vaccine process though.

    People get side effects from one dose so don’t get the second, people got side effects from one and two so don’t get boosted and so on, people get sucked into anti vax propaganda at any stage along the process, people get lazy. Vaccine centres up here have been inundated/seemingly over booked so you see that there’s been hours and hours of queues and then that omicron won’t hospitalise you so you don’t bother standing in the queue.

  • Exactly word for word what @M_V said.

    Especially up here I know many many who aren’t getting boosted due to the hassle. This will only add fire to it.

  • Is there evidence for any of this? There will of course not be 100% booster rates for various reasons. But I've not heard/read anything about serious drops.

  • Scroll back through the thread and you'll find anecdotes.

    My mum does vaccinations as a volunteer and one of the other people (literally giving out vaccines) won't get a booster and thinks the reason that the government is pushing them is because of the expiry date. She has had 2 doses but draws the line at 3. Idiots.

  • If I lived my life based on the anecdotes on this forum I'd never leave my flat.

    Here's hoping the boosters keep rocketing up. In particular for the at risk.

  • Guy I work with had one dose and got side effects so patched his 2nd. He was off for 5 weeks when he caught it and still don’t think he’s had any more doses.

  • But yet data shows there's been an increase in first and second doses recently. I wouldn't want to predict whether it'll continue. There's always going to be instances of stupid people, unfortunately.

  • Probably all the people doing vaccine trials getting fed up waiting to be able to access the passport system and/or boosters!

    There’s definitely demand as witnessed by the queues and running out etc that I’ve both seen in the news and witnessed personally but there’s also plenty sceptics and people that are on the fence.

  • Okay I’m wrong

  • Full disclosure: wasn't trying to say you or anyone else was wrong. You very well may be proven right. Was just curious if there was actually some sort of anti-booster movement akin to the general anti-vax idiocy.

  • How did I miss that double ententre...


  • Yep. It is the are we going to have to get jabbed every six months?

  • If I lived my life based on the anecdotes on this forum I'd never leave my flat.

    That would be the antithesis of the wisdom of the crowd.

    MiniGB booked in for her 1st jab tomorrow. Can confirm you can't book a 12yo's jab until they are actually 12. When they are 11yo+364d the system will still say "nope", but the day they are 12 the booking site will let you book a jab for them. :thumbsup:

  • Haven't had the booster at this point nor has my 28 weeks pregnant wife. She feels she's not mixing inside socially with people so risk is lowered to a point and she's had enough of being a pin cushion for the minute; blood tests, whooping cough, vaccines, flu jab etc etc.

    We didn't want the vaccine initially (respecting everyone's right to choose and tbh understanding the rationale behind 99% of the reasons people are for and against) as we were not high risk, relatively low rates where we live, not big socialisers however as rates increased and we started knowing people who were getting it and she got pregnant we got (double) vaccinated. We have since contracted Covid (8 weeks after second jab) and are hoping the studies showing Omicron being much less severe and potential massive immunity from 2 jabs then Covid are proven. My wife was quite perturbed to receive 3 (yes 3) identical letters on xmas eve telling her to get boosted, oh, and sorry if you've suffered a miscarriage!

  • I've had 2 x Pfizer and was due to have my booster on NYE however Covid darkened my doorstep and am on Day 8 currently of isolating. Is it still 4 weeks till you can rebook?

  • You can probably book but you need to wait 28 days from the date you had symptoms, or the date of the positive test if you did not have any symptoms, before having the jab.

    (Different rules for under 18s)

  • My wife was quite perturbed

    Its shocking that they’d send a letter like that.

    If you have the energy to send an email, giving feedback/complaining to the NHS would help prevent that letter from being sent to others.

  • It's more what she/we see as personal haranguing. We understand the message, we believe (most of) the science, we have ears and eyes to hear, see and feel the Covid vaccination and booster drive that's in the public domain and, on her part, discussed with the midwife etc; she doesn't need 3 identical letters all on the same day - and thankfully they didn't add to the stress and anxiety of miscarriage which we have previously experienced - continuing to go on about something we're already constantly being told about and are considering at all times; please let us enjoy Christmas

  • So two Pfizers and a today had a Modena, eight months after my second pfizer. All because I had issues getting a third shot in the UK for one day pre six months.

    Bit of hassle as I had two shots in the UK and third in France.

    Went to a group vaccination center that is a a converted show arena. There were a mix of firemen runing the place and filling in the forms on computer. There were nurses helping people go through the forms. Then random people stabbing you with 5g nono tech.

    So far my arm hurts as anytime I have been stabbed.

  • It's good for me i had the coronavirus for 2 days.

  • So over 24 hours since vaccination, normal level of apathy and general cyclical feeling shite.. Did an LFT test before vaccination and that was negative.

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COVID-19 vaccines

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