COVID-19 vaccines

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  • 2nd Pfizer yesterday. Jab itself hurt worse than the first as my arm spasmed. Felt ok for the rest of the day, just a bit of a sore arm.
    Today I've got a headache, feel really crappy and my legs, back, neck and joints are quite sore

  • I'm obviously not going to visit that web-site, but what is the stuff in the bottom left all about?

  • It's a website that sells offensive Tshirt and stuff

  • The bottom middle text is the obvious giveaway.

  • Got to say, seems like Pfizer does a damn good job.
    Thanks science.

  • Had my second Pfizer injection on Tuesday and other than a dead arm again have felt absolutely fine. Glad to have got off without any issues for both of the doses.

  • Just had my first Pfizer vaccination.
    Disappointing lack of newly acquired magnetic powers and/or 5G transmission abilities.
    It's like the conspiracy theorists are lying

  • I’ve heard that they’re putting out vaccinations that actually grant people immunity so more people get the jab.

    Sly lying bastards, there’s nothing they won’t stoop to.

  • Double jabbed earlier this week, both Pfizer. This 2nd jab was slightly painful; I hardly felt the 1st. Can’t say for certain if my arm was slightly tensed or not. No numbness. At its the same day the dull aching pain was akin to lightly painful DOMS, didn’t really interfere with sleep or activity at all, although lifting my arm above shoulder level was difficult. No fever or body pain, although my body feels anxious.

  • So, to register you need an NHS number - where do I find this?
    Register at local GP, but seldom used.

  • Ta, might give them a call if that doesnt come online.

  • Look out for vaccine popups. Lots of them don't require an NHS number.

  • To register what exactly? Didn't need one to book my vaccine online

  • I seem to have to, unless walk in…

  • But that simply says “cannot find your details”

  • :( What you need is a nasty chronic disease that means you are in and out of doctor's surgeries and have a stack of paperwork...

    Maybe call your GP on Tuesday? Although I'd hope they wouldn't straight out tell you on the phone.

  • Are there any other vaccine guinea pigs on here?

    I'm starting to think about booster jabs now and whether or not opting out of the deployed vaccine is gonna mean I get overlooked for a booster.

    Might see if there's a booster trial I can sign up for.

  • Question about vaccine protection waning over time. Does that include protection against hospitalisation? or does it mainly refer to chances of infection?

  • Call for investigation of menstrual changes after Covid jabs

    Changes to periods and unexpected vaginal bleeding after having a Covid vaccine should be investigated to reassure women, says a leading immunologist specialising in fertility.

    Writing in the BMJ, Dr Victoria Male, from Imperial College London, said the body's immune response was the likely cause, not something in the vaccines.

  • Just had my booster (3rd) jab. Eas given the choice of Astazeneca or Pfizer when booking. Had 2 AZ shots before, so went for Pfizer this time. Just waiting in the clinic a few minutes in case of a reaction.

  • Had a text saying I'm eligible for a 3rd jab. It made clear that this was not the booster but was for those in a high risk category. Wasn't aware of anything previously. After a ten minute search, my GP surgery receptionist tells me that it's because I had a slightly low white blood cell count once in 2012, which has been fine since then. Am I really at high risk and have I been all this time?

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COVID-19 vaccines

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