Brakeless fixed gear hoods for drop bars. New product.

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  • Hi,

    We have recently developed a cool new product. It will go into wider production and we will soon have a website for it.

    We have some materials left after prototyping and would be willing to manufacture for those who are eager for early access. The pair is €20 + €5 for worldwide shipping. It weighs 80g and comes in black color.

    Check out the photos and ask if you have anything in mind.

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  • Interesting idea, wouldn't the bar tape just slip right off?

  • The bar-tape is installed in figure 8 and the surface of the hood is ridged. So as the testing went we had no issues with bar-tape slipping.

  • anyone else think that one of these with integrated shifter and brake lever would be amazing?!? Sadly impossible with our current levels of technology : /

  • Yeah, that would be amazing. When wrapped the bar looks really sleek compared to regular hoods

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  • that a Brakeless fixed gear hoods for drop bars. New product in your bartape or are you just pleased to see me

  • awesome!

  • Just get brakes you weirdos

  • i wanna see it installed on track drops , or those are not cool bars anymore?

  • Those aren't cool any more

  • :) just wait, they will come back soon! fixies are coming back around...cant brake, dont want to...

  • I want to see the wrap job over the very tip (....) - can we get a close up?

  • They are but not the chrome deep drop pista bars with no grips.
    All the kids are riding track bikes with road bars these days

  • If only these were UCI/BC legal, I'd get a set. Same idea as the new Pinarello MAAT handlebars

  • If anyone can make a bike ugly it's Pinarello

  • Prosthetic hoods

  • I'll wrap them soon and post it.

  • Didn't 8bar do something very similar, 3d printed iirc

  • Nice product! It definitely does serve niches like longer mileage track events.

    Ergonomics wise, maybe you could provide a 3D plinted plug to cover the nut hole. Makes the tape job tidier as well I guess.

    Velobike produces track bars with a similiar hooded shape

    Hardly affordable though.

  • ... to continue. Nice stuff! again a bit like what aerocoach produces:­oach-Lann-track-handlebars-p202236287

    but at a fairly decent discount...

  • We thought about plugging it up, but when wrapped it is not visible or felt.

  • i like the shape of the deep drop bars, never really tried using one and never rode fixed for more than 5 minutes.
    single speeding with a kick brake was the most uncluttered handlebar i managed to have but if the chain jumps out...trouble is coming.... this happened one time and i managed to get the chain under the back tire.... sparks everywhere.....incredibly did not crash!!

  • These are actually pretty neat.


Brakeless fixed gear hoods for drop bars. New product.

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