Camera straps for on bike

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  • I must just be excessively damp.

    Actually I know this, I sweat an awful lot.

  • I keep mine in one of those stem/bar mounted bottle bag things rather than on body. A bit easier to grab then too

  • My viewfinder got really damp on my little LUMIX (presumably because it is so small and the actual glass on the VF was so close to my back), but on my X-T4 it has not been an issue.

  • I got one of these custom made

    Works great and really well thought out

    Cost about £45 and could select my own colours. Really recommend his work, not sure how easy getting UK post might be

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  • I use a restrap top tube bag and put the camera in a neoprene pouch in the bag.

  • Probably should just take it as a sign to use my cheap finderless Nex instead of the Leica.

  • Doesn't look too far off a @Chopsicle musette

  • Anyone tried making their own? I watched a video of someone using a shoestring and a karribina, looks like it might work well.

  • How do they attach at the bottom? Screw into the tripod mount point I guess.

    I have vague plans to make one. Making a custom case for it first though.

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  • I've used a PD strap mount thing intended for heavy lenses. Then used the shoelace and karribina to clip onto a plastic O loop on my restrap strap.

    Seems to work ok, will test on my ride tomorrow.

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  • Update, it worked perfectly. Comfortable and easy to access camera with just the karribina undone.

    I think I'm going to cut the shoelace to size, then use the sewing machine to join them nicely together so there is no risk of the know becoming undone mid ride.

  • This looks quite neat and is pretty much exactly what the Rille one does in terms of functionality.

    Perhaps not a problem for you but how easy is that to clip/unclip while cycling? What I like about the Rille one is that it uses a magnetic clip so you only need bring the two pieces of the clip near each other for it to snap shut.

  • Have done a good amount of gravel with mine now and it works perfectly with my X-T4 (although now I’ve really scuffed up the casing of the camera from it rubbing against my back 🥲).

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  • how easy is that to clip/unclip while cycling?

    It's not too bad, just undo the clip / push clip back on. It helps that the restrap strap has the plastic loop, or itd be harder. I imagine the magnetic approach is easier.

    I ended up cutting to size and sewing the shoelace together so the knot etc isn't in the way, made it much neater.

  • Hello everyone. I don’t post much on here but read religiously.

    Ive been riding with a camera for quite a few years now using the mettle speed strap which I paid a ridiculous amount for after shipping and duty so when my mate said he wanted one I decided to try make a simple one with the design roughly based around the Fernwee one which I think is again pretty expensive for what it is.

    If you have a sewing machine it’s really easy to make and works great. Can release and reattach it with one hand using the fidlock snap buckle. All the parts are very cheap to get hold of, the only annoying thing to put on is the little snap fasteners at one end but you could just sew that end around your strap and leave it on there as it’s so unobtrusive.

    I’m surprised that there dosent seem to be many/any brands making this sort of stuff in the uk. I’d like a fancy Albion one… @Chopsicle?

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  • Selling a PS bag works rider strap here if anyone is in the market?

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  • Is the buckle magnetic?

  • Indeed. It’s a fidlock buckle.

  • Thinking of making one of these, but sceptical that they really work:

    So, generally, you have a cross chest strap, attached either end to the camera, then a secondary strap, which buckles up near your chest and the other end also attaches to the camera.

    But - once you undo the secondary buckle, doesnt that strap hang down, get in the way and then when you want to do it back up, you have to perform a reverse reach around to get to it?

    @fishcat - where did you buy your buckle from?

  • but sceptical that they really work

    Works really well tbh. Keeps it very secure and I've experienced no rotation or bouncing with my home made effort.

    It does hang down a bit yes when not attached, but I find it pretty easy to just reach around (ahem) and grab it, and clip it together with no issues. (with the karibina I sometimes just clip it to the side join if I know I'm going to be taking a few photos in a row, keeps it out the way, then easy to undo and return back around the front of the chest for when I'll be riding for a while again).

  • Fair enough. I'll try making one

  • It definitely takes a bit of practice to do it while cycling, but once you’ve got the knack they work very well.

  • i think i got it from here.­ts/fidlock-snap-buckle-20-f6021.html

    They do a 15mm one too if you want a thinner strap.

  • made a strap, worked really well.

    tiny house

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  • Looks very neat. Does it just screw straight into the tripod mount hole?

    Maybe I should upgrade my shoe string...

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Camera straps for on bike

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