• Bike developed an odd creak whilst pedalling yesterday and today I discovered two of the arm/spiders are busted! :(


    These were bought some 15 years ago (I think) when Shimano moved from square taper to splined octalink interface and I forgot just how much these bastard cost! Had a quick look around and thinking I'll probably get another one unless there are any other recommendations?

    Bike doesn't get used half as much as it used to, but don't want to buy some Miche cheese and regret it within the first few pedal strokes.

    And YES, this bike is in a right stinky mess! :)

  • it ded.

  • ^helpful!

    Presuming you are using this bike to tow a plough any Octalink crank should do (if the bb isn't seized solid by shite). The weight penalty of Ultegra is less than that of the crud accumulation and there are quite a few on fleabay for as little as £16.

  • Ha! Believe it or not I’m an ex bike mechanic... this bike gets zero because I’m always busy fixing other people’s bikes, especially over lockdown! Might consider a road chainset as that would be a damn site cheaper. Need to check chain line and chainring sizes available. Not hung-up on having Dura Ace, the days of this bike still looking half-decent have long gone! :)

  • EDIT: when buying cranks or BBs it's worth bearing in mind that there's 2 different versions of Octalink.

  • Already got a replacement... The eBay Gods were on my side as an exact crankset was ending tonight and I got them for £180 and they're unused apart from a tiny blemish on the logo. No need for a new BB, or chainring or stress if chainline is off with a road chainset. Will obviously have to clean the rest of the drivetrain to match now! :)

  • Mamamia, how does it feel riding a bike with that kind of chain

  • Not great, but kinda used to it. Started mountain biking back in 1988 and from Wales so used to mud/dirt/grime. This bike doesn't get much love and only gets cleaned when things bust or I need to upgrade/replace something. Spent an hour yesterday out on the mountain bike followed by 3 hours of cleaning (mine, boy's & wife's bikes) so can keep things clean! :) The beauty of fixed is that maintenance is minimal, just keep that chain tight and just ride...

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Busted Dura Ace FC-7710 crankset... Assume I just buy another?!*

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