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  • Tragic middle aged dad, seeks bmx to embarrass my child at the skatepark. Complete novice to bmx. Looking for something fairly decent but not too fancy.. can spend a couple of hundred quid. Any advice welcome, but not necessarily followed. I’m London based so local pick up or postage required.
    Many thanks..

  • I have a Curtis frame if you fancy building one up....😁

  • i hope you don't mind if i jump on this thread too
    also looking for a nice bmx in good condition for my niece and nephew, something decent with 2 brakes, similar price range, maybe 200 - 300 ish,

    i'll obviously stand back until you have had your choice wharry and got yourself a bmx but any scraps that fall of the table would you mind if i have a look

    the curtis sounds excellent but might be a bit nice for the kids first bmx

  • @dicki Yep no worries. Someone recommended Facebook market place. Seems to be plenty of decent Bmxs on there.. especially in the south and around Manchester.
    @flash thanks for the offer but I don’t think I have the energy to build anything up at the moment or cash to do a Curtis justice.

  • I’m considering parting with this. Bought for commuting but doing very little of that. The upside of that though is I fitted a front brake so it’s road legal. Rear brake was already fitted. It’s a Blank Sabbath and is a very lovely bit of kit. Can bring to London on the train on a weekday.

    Let me know if either of you are interested

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    • 0790CEFD-203D-49DC-98E0-474C56EB48B9.jpeg
  • (Can take more photos if there’s any interest of course)

  • @wharry

    Let me know if any interest, can bring to London tomorrow as need to go to the office for a bit

  • @user90064 thanks for the offer.. very nice! I'm sorted now though. Cheers

  • if you have some more photos that would be great, and a rough price, i'll let my niece see the photos and get her opinion
    and i presume it all works fine and bearings relatively smooth

  • Hi, here you go. Yes in great condition , very light use. £175 ish would be fair I think given these cost £479 new.

  • Pics

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    • 8492AB37-7652-4355-BD53-1B89B14E013E.jpeg
    • E3EF6A37-A5C6-4CCC-A8C9-FD2D38F21090.jpeg
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    • 5963330E-325A-4CBB-B9F5-FBDD3CF7DDCA.jpeg
  • just heard back from my niece
    i'll take it if still available, can meet at a london station to collect
    let me know when and where

  • bump

    may have to wait till after lock down but still keen

  • Will prob be selling mine soon, after lockdown likely. It's a United Squad frame, would need a front brake though.

    Pic attached - will have different seat and pedals. Would be under £200.

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    • FB822E33-9073-4AB3-A156-083455AE2672.jpeg
  • does it all run fine and dandy ? if so i'll take it

  • Dicki, apologies, didn’t get a notification so missed this. It was bought by someone else in the meantime, sorry.

  • thanks for getting back, my niece was a bit slow getting back apologies

    so on to abr's bike

  • then lasmo via pm

  • Yeh works nicely and has decent bits. Want to PM me when you'd be able to pick up after lockdown? Based in Bromley/Beckenham area.

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