Rapha gloves SOLD

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  • 3 things for sale, all prices include postage from Portsmouth.

    Rapha gloves M - bought on here last year, never used, decent condition with a lot of life still left in them - Sold

    ILE saddle bag - bought last year (the hole was already there, it doesn’t get bigger or affects the usability, i wanted to patch it but never got around to it) used for a bit and now surplus to requirements - Sold
    Mission workshop (?) handlebar bag - used this summer, still plenty of life left, although I’d say no longer water resistant, as the plasticky thing came off from the zipper, not the greatest quality there to be fair, would be great for dry rides, I’ve upgraded to a bigger one - Sold

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  • Saddle bag

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  • Handlebar bag

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  • Dibs ÎLE saddle bag, thanks.

  • Saddle bag and handlebar bag on hold
    @platypus will let you know if it falls through

  • Dibs handlebar bag if first person falls through!

  • Thanks, both things now gone only Rapha gloves left.

  • Are the gloves waterproof and warm? I'll have them if so!

  • Supposed to be! I’ve never used them as it was never cold enough. When I tried them, they seemed very toasty.

  • @fizzy.bleach they might be old gen winter gloves

  • might not get enough leverage for cable disc brakes

  • i aspire to be the kind of heavy hitter that talks about different gens of rapha gear while sipping a pint of latte with extra caramel syrup

  • a pint of latte

    I am not sure how good your Italian is but thats just a pint of milk

  • how good do you think my italian is? genuine question to you today

  • I think its a solid 4/10

  • i studied italian in the year above meredith kircher at leeds. true story. i had to drop it because you couldn't do 3 langs past first year. unfortunately, i would have learned the word for milk in week one of second year.

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Rapha gloves SOLD

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