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  • Hi Peoples,
    I'm 17 turning 18 this year and am currently having a shit time as is universal and goes without saying. My education has kind of derailed and i'm in a pretty impossible situation with it in the future. This means I am at a bit of a windy crossroads with my future. This is just a bit of context and not really important to what Im saying but nonetheless gives some insight to my position. My question is are cycle courier jobs still available in London these days? I know technology is kind of reigning supreme more and more and this must have terrible consequences here as with everywhere. However I'm just wondering about any information to do with it and how someone would start if wanting to get into it. I have always been intrigued by it since I was younger and used to watch alleycat races on YT. I am confident with my cycling abilites and don't think any of this is an issue to the job- more finding out how to get involved is the problem. Anyway just wondering if anyone knows ways to get into it and stuff and any information will help alot.
    I have never posted on here before but thanks alot anyone who reads this.

  • [Sorry. I fired off my response to the original fragment of this post before you edited it. ]

  • Lots of food delivery happening just now - should be easy to pick up some work there, see if it suits you.

  • Can’t offer any useful advice but wish you well, sure someone on here can help.

  • Obviously only limited knowledge on your situation but education is one of the best investments you can make.
    I had a terrible time during my GCSE’s and first set of A-levels, took a year working as a temp in a variety of jobs, sheet metal factory, caravan factory, lava lamp warehouse, car valet/ delivery whilst also working evenings in B&Q on the phones, before going back to do a second set of A-levels then going on to do a Degree.
    My degree is not relevant to the work I do but I’d probably not have got the interview down the chain without it.
    I’m a great believer in education that doesn’t need to be formal and could be alongside your courier work should you take that route. It can always be accessed but it gets more complex the older you get. Good luck

  • I know how important education is and It is my plan to get through it. I guess sometimes you just want to walk out the door but I got to invest in it like you say. The courier stuff is an ideal thing to do alongside- cycling is my freedom at the moment and it would be great for it to be part time work aswell. Thank u guys for ur replies!

  • It’s oversaturated and the pay is shit.

  • Agreed! The days of realistically being able to make a living working for Deliveroo/Uber etc are over.
    Having said that, I'd you're not relying on them to pay your rent and bills they're still a good way to supplement your income and get to know your city better, get fit and have a good time on a bike.
    I used to work for Deliveroo (years ago in the very brief period when it was possible to actually make a decent living doing it full time) and I loved it.

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