Rossin Professional SLX and De Rosa AL+

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  • Got bored in a Teams meeting so started hanging parts...

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  • I think I do half my bike maintenance in slow Teams meetings. Build off to a strong start.

  • I really like that. Am sure I saw one of these on here before. Strong start indeed.

  • @GideonPARANOID ha, seems like that’s what I’ll be doing all next week 👍🏻

    Cheers and yeah you did it’s @Rik_Van_Looy ‘s 👌

  • What tyre clearance did you manage there? 25?

  • not 100% yet - both rear wheels I've tried rub on the drive side chainstay with 25c but I think once I've checked the dish of the wheels 25 should just fit... tight though! (and I've got newer 23c spare anyway so no trouble if that is the solution)

  • Will be nice if it works out with 25s!

  • subbed - this is looking excellent already.
    I'll get a photo of my tyre clearance tomorrow - 25mm should be fine (assuming you're dished right)

  • Conti 25’s get reasonably close to the fork crown but there’s plenty of clearance at the stays

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  • @Rik_Van_Looy cheers for that, I think I’ll need to get the wheels dished to run on this then 25c will be no problem 👍🏻

    I was wondering if you know what DT cable stops you have on yours? My parts bin ones have a curve on the body to account for a round steel tube so look a bit odd on this as the down tube is basically flat around the boss on these frames...

    Currently awaiting some PT bb cups while the DS centaur cup bathes in WD40... then all I need is some campagnolo gear inner cables and some carbon brake pads for campagnolo brakes which I’m hoping my LBS will have for cheap

  • The only spare saddle I have is a red SLR which I’d planned to recover in black suede but the red leather is in too good a condition to mess around with - so I’ve got the choice of bartape to consider - black fizik microtex is a favourite of mine but I’m considering getting some red involved, maybe black tape with red in the perforation or some daft red/black camo... hmm...

  • Also, what’s up with campagnolo bolts! They’re all soo soft!! Ordering replacement lever clamp bolts and rear mech bolt 🤦♂️

  • I know what you mean but can’t confirm spec. My adjusters snapped last year and only one was salvaged. Now I have one OS stop and one standard

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  • Nice day for it 👍🏻

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  • Campag made a flat version..

    Facing a similar problem on an old Cannondale I just wrapped some sandpaper around the dt and sanded the housing stops to fit the profile of the dt, a 10min job for a black resin pair.

    Looking forward to seeing this built!

  • Did you sort the headset out ok?

  • the fork with the feather like lug. what's the frame? or maker of the fork? I have a frame with every lug in this style, its labelled as a Paris but probably a condor made one. would be really interesting to know.

  • Cheers for the info - I’ll run the ones I’ve got to get it going then find some of the resin ones as I slowly move away from any silver kit...

  • Not looked at it properly yet, but it doesn’t feel too bad as is 👍🏻

  • Ah cheers for the info mate 👍🏻

  • It’s a Roberts track bike in Columbus Max - I’ll link the previous build in a sec - there is mention of these feather crowns on some Cinelli Lasers - from what I’ve understood they are a Columbus lug option available to builders so could be used by anyone building in Columbus 👍🏻

    @SideshowBob ‘s build of it -­28/
    @PhilPub ‘s brothers bike with same lugs -­lbums/72157639947434343

    And finally calling @Sig_Arlecchino who may have more info on the cinelli/lugs etc

  • thanks as I said im pretty sure its a condor built Paris when they tried to get the Paris brand going again in the 70's I think. will get some pics of the frame up.

  • I managed to get the bb out after being reminded that Italian bb threads are the other way around 🤦♂️

    In my defence this is the first Italian threaded frame I’ve attempted to use...

    The rear wheel conundrum continues, flipped the wheel and it sits in the same line so assume that means the wheel is straight, Sheldon shows a home method for checking frame alignment and the ds chain stay is maybe 2mm over to the drive side but the accuracy of my measuring could account for that. 🤷♂️ There is a noticeable score wheel bite on the inside of the ds stay but not a mark on the NDS which means it’s been ridden like this for a while, the spacing at the rear is bang on 130mm so I’ll give it to a shop to check properly but I’m not hugely concerned... worst comes to worst I’ll have built a pretty turbo bike...

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  • Thinking the skinny wheels suit this well...

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Rossin Professional SLX and De Rosa AL+

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