SOLD: boardman ltd edition tk20 - no.72

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  • Uhhh come on man, why are you still here?

    It is 1 of 92, it is unique. It has it's own individual number on it stating its limited edition status.

    Yes, it's an average fucking track bike (to you lot, I'd say it myself as well), might not be to a guy who bloody loves a bit of Chris.

    Obviously I'll let it go for 750, it's called creating interest. I want it to go to someone who knows what they're getting, not someone who wants to tear it round Hackney.

    Let's be friends

  • Wtf is everyone offloading all their personal issues on someone over something being sold that isn't their bag.

    If an ad has no interest, as some people are so certain... it will die by itself. Or won't as it sells to someone other than you...

  • Yeah man!!! (you want it?)

  • Great stuff Billy!!

  • Is that your Mr Muscle?!

    Lol you got ripped off!!!!!!

    White vinegar does 10x better job for 10x less £

  • 10x better job for 10x less £

    nah his has a number 72 written on it.

  • giles gets it!!

  • I had thought that what I had written was mean and unnecessary.

    As you seem to miss them, I've replaced them for you.

    You're welcome.


    To you, maybe - not to anyone else that might be mugged off by you're piss-take of a sale thread.

    Again - good luck with the sale.

  • “ Uhhh come on man, why are you still here?”

    It’s called a forum; posts invite comment. Those that advertise items for sale, legitimately invite balance input to steer the accurate description, to the benefit of all.

  • It was mean and unnecessary, be kind bro.


    *your 😘

  • No one is offloading. There may be people reading the thread, new to bikes (in general, to track bikes or to collecting), who take the OP at face value. Such readers are entitled to a little balance.

  • Invite balanced input to steer to the accurate description? Whatever happened to "it's only worth as much as someone will pay for it?"

    You'll see above, I don't want just anyone buying this, I want it to go to the right place. The right person will understand the ad, so I don't need the ad police chortling all over it, as fun as this evening as been, really!!

    You don't like, you wouldn't pay, that doesn't offend me at all.

  • Then they'd be mad to have upwards of 750 to spend on this, and I'd make sure I tell them that.

  • I actually quite like these frames. I read the price as a starting point to offer under, not over.
    I don’t think they’ve become particularly collectible but it’s not as wildly ridiculous as some of the comments are suggesting IMO
    Good luck with the sale anyway

  • You can't complain you've had over 900 views in 7 hours .

  • Phil gets it!! Blimey!!

    Be like Phil.

  • All thanks to you lot, I'm blessed for the over-analysis though I really am.

    I'm new to posting on LFGSS, so what an entrance it's been!

  • Lot of rage on this one eh?

    Good Like OP. At least you're getting the bumps.

  • For me, it’s the continued assertion that this bike (as decent as it is) is a “one off” “collectors item”, in response to balanced views that prompted me to wade in...

  • Then you have an idea of what you expect for the bike; why be so vague?

  • It's called an advert man, I could bleat till the cows come home that it's one-off because it has it's own issue number on it, (72/92 - did I mention that?) but clearly that holds no importance to you, IT MAY DO TO THE PERSON WHO THIS AD IS DIRECTED AT (NOT YOU).

    It is also quite literally a collectors item, given that they made a specific amount of them, never to be done again.

    Am I being trolled for the sake of it here? Do I need to pull the massive hook out of my cheek or..?

  • It isn't vague in the slightest. It's called make me an offer.

    I have no urgency to sell this, it was purely a speculative post to see if there might be anyone on here who's been waiting for years for one of these to come up, because I would rather they have it, than I do.

  • It is vague if you intimate a starting point of £1000 and yet assert you would counsel a would be buyer not to spend £750 on it.

    An item that is the same as a number of others, all be it in a limited series, is not considered one of a kind, despite having its number in that series on it (as, for example, limited edition prints do).

  • Would you be interested in swapping for some limited edition 50 pence pieces from the 2012 olympics?

  • Absolutely!!! Do you have 1500 of them? LOLZ

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SOLD: boardman ltd edition tk20 - no.72

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