Benders, who has one and what?

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  • I'm going to look out for a Hilmor/Hilmor style bender as I think the interior formers are pretty universal. There does seem to be follow bars available for them, not sure if these work with them all, if they are/were an add on thing or what but pretty cheaply available (at least in a basic 22mm version that could probably be opened out fairly easily).

    I've seen a couple on the likes of fb marketplace for really cheap but a bit far away for me to justify the trip during lockdown. I'll keep looking and sure I'll find something.

  • Did you have any luck with this?
    I've made a bender before, but only for smaller diameter rack tubing.
    Have recently won an auction that has 3 different benders in it and am hoping I'll be able to use one for handlebars.
    The one in the blue bucket is what I wanted but think the one in the red is the same as the hilmor you were looking at getting. If you did end up finding one, I'd love to know how you went.

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  • Haha, opened this thread half hoping it was about these

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  • No, I kept looking for a deal in a Hilmor but didn’t find any that were close enough to go collect.

    I tried one of the chunkier, long handled 15/22mm conduit benders but it was made of some type of cheese and just broke and that was trying to bend stuff that was too thin walled to make handle bars.

    Then we sold our car and I had some money to play with so I bought a Tubela model 3.

    I’m pretty sure I’ll never reach the limits of it!

    Made 3 handlebars for myself out of mild steel so far. Just trying to get my head round placing the bends and stuff then I’ll move to cromo.

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  • Those are really brilliant.

  • Ah, that bender looks great. Bars look awesome too!
    What thickness of mild steel are you using?

  • 1.6mm. Which is probably what I’d use in cromo too.

    Sadly Ceeway are totally out of cromo at the mo.

  • Thanks!
    Yeah, seems like a huge shortage everywhere at the moment. I'll definitely try a few mild steel ones first as 4130 was already stupidly expensive in NZ before covid, not sure I even want to check costs now.

  • I picked up the auction that I won. Turns out the bender that I wanted has the most dies, which is nice. Unfortunately no handle though, so will need to sort that and a base so that I can either mount it on a stand, or in a vice.
    Only thing I could out about it was this flyer from 1947.

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Benders, who has one and what?

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