Specialized Gravel-hopper?

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  • Late to the Lockdown project game.....

    Let's see if building something gravel/bike-packingesque can satiate me over the coming winter weeks.

    Shell is a ?mid 90's Rockhopper that belonged to my father/took up commuter duties for me in secondary school.

    Fixie had some issues so I've been using it to commute for a few days and I'd forgot just how much fun it was....

    Problem list:
    Missing Spokes.
    Ridiculously bad brakes.
    Gearing all over the place.
    Surface rust in places.
    VERY short Seatpost.


    The vague plan is to source some half-decent 26" wheels and convert to 1x10 (Deore Xt?).
    Maybe some budget paint job come spring/summer (Spray.Bike?)
    Make a frame bag.
    Hash out some adventure plans in the meantime

    Welcoming any suggestions for improvement/things to avoid in this build- I'm a bit clueless when it comes to offroad...

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  • Ridiculously bad brakes.

    Bad V-brakes?! Also your seatpost is the wrong way around.

    Are you going to put drops on it, or keep the flat bars? Nice frame!

  • Old photo re Seatpost! Good spot

    Brakes could just need a decent clean and fettle, this has pretty much sat without use for 5-6years and my teenage self left much to be desired when it came to maintenance.

    I'm tempted by drops as it's what I know, but I reckon I'll stay flat bar at least initially.

    Variety is the spice of life I suppose.

  • Other than the saddle and post it looks perfect. Just fix what's broken and then hammer fuck out of it. If the gears are fucked I'd probably SS it before bothering with any new shifty stuff.

  • Hippy is right, your lockdown project is nearly done!

  • Hippy is right


    So, now OP needs to find something else to build. Can you make me a complete functional copy of a Bullitt cargo bike? I'll give you 48 pesos when it's complete.

  • SS is definitely a possibility- just a bit nervous about that on longer/multiday trips

    I think the first steps are probably going to be a decent strip down and service of what I have

    I suppose the only thing I NEED for now is to find a longer 30.0 Seatpost

  • If you're touring on it then I'd stick gears on it. I love my SS but I can't be arsed with the 20kph top just to be able to climb stuff or walking if going vice-versa. You might be able to use what's on there if it's functional.

  • Or buy a shim (SJS probably sell them) and then taken your pick of 27.2mm posts

  • That's possibly a much easier way of doing things! Thanks

  • Another LFGSS Blackdown Hillser!!!!
    We need a sub-forum.
    (though I'm a part-timer at best.)

  • Part timer covers me too!

    Being in London 90% of the time makes me appreciate it even more

  • Are you Somerset side or Devon side?
    That descent off Common top- through the forestry- is lovely. As is much of the riding up that ridge.
    We've got @Sam_w @JonoMarshall ? @turnpedal and a few I've forgotten over the Devon side- as well as myself- when I get down to see the family.
    If I was 10% down there I'd be much happier than LD's 100% up here.

  • Somerset side!
    This was actually a photo from the herepath loop which had its moments.

    Haven't spent much time off road there tbh, any other areas I should explore when I'm back over Christmas 🎄

    Got to do something to test the legs on this thing

  • Have a look at @turnpedal's strava (I pretty much just steal his rides- tbh)
    Otherwise- I tend to start down a track and hope for the best.
    I'm a big fan of the area around Ilton also.

  • Snap! My dad's got the same bike, recently did it up for him. Not sure why as he's not exactly short of bikes was just bored during lockdown. I had a hard rock with 15 inch frame (looked the same size as your rock hopper) and it was just brilliant, carried a lot of weight in panniers with no problem at all and was such a good handling bike.

    I replaced the bottom bracket, chain, cables, wheel bearings.
    Took it out for a spin but a MTB with narrow bars and non short stem felt sooo sketchy haha. Also need to get rid of the forks, they work by compressing rubber, apparently cutting edge as the time.

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  • That's getting me excited to get this one back up to spec.

    Parts order on the way....

  • Awesome!

  • Love a revived rock hopper

    (not mine, except the bag)

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Specialized Gravel-hopper?

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