Wanted: a kitten.

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  • Looking for a kitten. Happy to pay something for him/her. Can collect within a reasonable distance of Maidstone ie most of the SE. Anyone know of a litter looking for good homes? TIA.

  • Romney house cat rescue in Downe. Have had several from there over the years. Always have had older or the more difficult ones. They are really suffering with the closure of their charity shop due to the shutdowns and a good donation for a kittem would be most welcome. Have a look at their website. If you do not drive I will take you at no charge. I live not far from Maidstone.

  • Ah, thanks, that's great info and a really kind offer. I'm fully mobile so can get myself over there, but really appreciate the generous offer. I've had a look at their website and it looks like they've only got 2 cats for rehoming at the moment. Personally I'd much prefer to take an older cat down on it's luck in need of a good home (and give a nice donation to the charity), but this is basically for my daughter who is 13 and has been asking for a kitten for years. My wife is keen for her to have the kitten experience. She loves cats too, but just wants her to have it as a kitten which I can sort of understand. It seems to indicate that they have kittens sometimes too. We're in no particular rush, so I'll probably just email them and see what the score is with getting on a waiting list for a kitten. I'd be happy to donate to them to the tune of what kittens are going for privately (surprisingly big bucks) as I'd rather the money went to a good cause.

  • Also, if you go to Downe, you can take a shit through Farage's letterbox.

  • .... Wot ... ! please don't tell me Farage lives in Downe .... ? Darwin would never live it ... er ... down ....

  • What an inteligent posting. Did you engage your one brain cell to write it

  • Hello Nigel

  • A friend has been fostering 4 kittens for this organisation.


    She's had them longer than you would imagine so they are now 4 months old. They'll also be looking to rehome in pairs, 2 black brothers or black and white and black sister.

    If they're of interest she thinks it might be worth a go although you're obviously well out of their normal area.

  • Ah thanks. Not sure we're in the market for a duo though. I'll chat it through with the boss though. Cheers. D.

  • There is an animal rescue centre at Biggin Hill called Foal Farm. They look after the animals very well. It's a nice place to visit even if you don't adopt. Here is a link to their cats - https://www.foalfarm.org.uk/list-cats-ho­ming/

  • Thanks @user83106

    So an update. My wife and I visited the suggestion from @lot14 (Romney House Rescue Centre) and the upshot is that we will be giving a fresh start and hopefully some stability to a nervy rescue tabby cat.

    Whilst there a pregnant cat was brought in to the centre. They think she's about 5 weeks currently. So likely to give birth sometime around Christmas with the kittens ready to leave around late March/late April. We've signed up for one of those too.

    One very excited daughter. I'm pretty chuffed too.

    Thanks for all the tips everyone.

  • Fair play to you. Great outcome

  • Yeah I think so 👍

    So much happier that our money is going to a hard working charity that does amazing work for unfortunate animals. The private seller market for cats (probably dogs too) seems to be a viper pit at the mo. Driven by a high demand for pets.

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Wanted: a kitten.

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