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  • Having sold my 1984 Colnago Super, I'm reinvesting the funds made from it into another Lockdown project. Having scoured eBay and FB groups for a while this Cinelli SC frame caught my eye (60x58), managed to save about a hundred on it. The listing said it was also from 1984 so I've obviously got some latent Orwellian thing going.

    With the help of @retrodicorsa I've got a hold of a partial pat.84 Super Record groupset (the frame came with a Campag Chorus headset and a Cinelli bottom bracket). I've got a Cinelli cockpit on its way from Italy, a 100mm Cinelli Milano Oval stamp stem and a set of Cinelli 40cm handlebars with the classic crest stamped, and a Cinelli Volare saddle coming from Malta. I'll update photos when they arrive and the final build.

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  • Very nice! Looking forward to this!

  • Frame looks in wonderful condition.

  • Incredible!

  • I wasn't sure if it was original paint or not due to the mix of Flying C and older Crest details - does anyone know any better? Also I'm not sure about the ovals on the front of the headtube as seen in #3 and #5

  • Gorgeous although with such a large frames wouldn’t you be after wider bars?

  • Also I'm not sure about the ovals on the front of the headtube as seen in #3 and #5

    I was thinking that these were bit of helicopter tape to stop cable rub?

  • I think they're 42cm with 40 ctc measurement, the seller's english wasn't too great. If they do end up being too small, I'll replace them. I'm fairly skinny anyway, so they'll probably be fine

  • That would make sense, cheers

  • Tufo tape on the Nisi rims awaiting the arrival (tomorrow hopefully) of a set of Conitental Podium tubular tyres, can anyone help me identify the model of the rim?

    The Regina Extra BX 6 speed looks lovely, was told its a rare Oro finish and basically NOS.

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  • wasn't sure if it was original paint or not due to the mix of Flying C and older Crest details

    Definitely repainted and rechromed.
    The last of the old style paint jobs with head badges were in 79 or 80.
    My gf and I ordered a pair around that time. They arrived together. Hers came with the head tube badge and fancy decals, mine came with the new style decals.
    A few retro-style ones were made in about 84 and called "Tokyo". They were in rose with a decal in place of a head tube badge.

  • Sub’d

  • Nice bike. My Supercorsa is my favourite bike. Also has the crest on in the head tube

  • Spent yesterday cleaning up the handlebars I bought from Italy, lots of old tape which took some shifting - used WD40 and a kitchen non-scratch wire brush. Some slight rust on the bolt of the stem came off easily and the cockpit looks brand new

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  • Tyres arrived too yesterday, have inflated them and stuck them in a cupboard to stretch out. Have had Conti's before and they were a pain to mount. Today has been a day of arrivals - NOS Cinelli Volare saddle from Malta and a new KMC Z8.3 EPT chain. Should be ready to build everything up tomorrow.

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Cinelli Super Corsa

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