Tig welding training.

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  • Can you gas weld aluminium or is it those brazing rods.

  • I can copper/silver braze, i find it fairly easy actually, but I wouldn’t say I’m any good yet. Tig is a different beast though.

    I’ll be honest I’ve only really used the ESAB and Jasic machines the college have and they are great as far as I can tell. I bought a secondhand ESAB mig welder for everyday bits due to this and I love it.

  • Have any of you done your training in London and can recommend anywhere/someone? I haven't done any welding before but have been wanting to get started for ages. About to finish my job and think the time has come.

  • Everyone who does bikes uses a footpedal to control the current.

    I agree with all that fish says.

    A lot of the corrections you have to make while tig welding happen quicker than it takes for yo uto consciously think about it. It needs to happen like second nature. The only way for that to happen is to spend a lot of hours behind the torch. Luckily tig is fun. :)

    The only real way to get a feel for it is to continue to do it. only THEN should you get lessons. Get a stack of metal and build up something crap.

    Here are some crap things i made:

  • Learn to weld aluminium with tig and welding steel becomes a slow motion affair in comparison

  • If anyone is in yorkshire or prepared to travel im happy to help

  • Heres a tip get a footpedal

    for steel for every thousands of thickness use 1 amp so 1mm thick is 35 to 40 amps

    If pulse welding you will need to miltiply by 2.5-2.7 as a start point so for 0.9 mm steel amps will be about 75-90 depending how fast your moving

    2-4k pulse? Pulse you probably want somewhere between 30 to 90 as experience and speed allows

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Tig welding training.

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