Tig welding training.

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  • I'm wanting to learn tig welding. I used to be a oxy welder in a former life but have recently invested in a tig set up but I'm seriously struggling to get my head around it all.

    Would anyone be prepared to offer me some training (happy to pay) or point me in the right direction.

    Many thanks.

  • Its likely a local college will have metal fabrications courses which should cover tig.

  • yeah a college isnt a bad idea. But difficult at the moment with the whole disease thing.
    You can learn a lot of youtube
    Or post your welds here and people can attempt to solve things

  • I did a course at.my.local.college (TIG level 1 and 2). we got interrupted by covid but did eventually manage to complete and I believe they started in September. where do you live? and what are you struggling with?

  • Thanks guys.
    I'm in Wimbledon.
    Main thing I'm struggling with is the set up of the actual machine.
    I've worked out 2k - 4k, pulse etc, but just struggling to penetrate the material correctly.

  • no, burnley college, which is actually about an hour from me

  • what are you practicing on? and what kinds of practice welds are you doing?

  • are you aiming for bike welds? or just general welding

  • If you have an arc/MMA/stick setting on your machine, you probably will, that’s a good place to start so you can understand how the weld pool and the metal react with different amps. It’s also cheaper and easier to mess about with, so good for learning.

    Tig is pretty tricky but you get the best results, unless you have someone there to show you it will be a steep learning curve. I’ve been doing it for about 6 years and still learning. There are so many variables and it is very much a skill that requires practice.

    YouTube is a great place to learn from, welding tips and tricks probably the best channel for tig welding.

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Tig welding training.

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