Stolen in Govanhill: Genesis CDA 20

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  • Stolen yesterday from a close in Victoria Rd, my pal's 2018 Genesis CDA 20. Pretty stock except for some tape to stop the lock rubbing. If you see it around please stick a lock on it.

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  • Update on this: the owner managed to get CCTV from the shop downstairs that showed the guy coming in and then leaving with the bike. The police recognised him and apparently have arrested him. Didn't get the bike back unfortunately.

  • Was going to say, in that area police probably aware of who is upto what.
    Theft in Glasgow this year has gone crazy, only been here 8 years but in that time bike theft has been slowly increasing, until this year when its gone mad.
    MOSTLY from inside closes, never leave a bike in a close unless its a pub bike, thieves walk past the 'secure entry' doors like they are not even there.
    Few mates have had attempted thefts this year, one put cctv up inside the close and noticed around 4-5 unwanted visitors a week coming in for a look around.
    Not having a go at the victim, more of a warning for anyone else.

  • thieves walk past the 'secure entry' doors like they are not even there.

    The good old ‘services’ button.

    The posty canny figure out what it’s for but the tea leaves sure can.

  • In this case, there were builders in the back court and they propped the close door open. I was thinking the other day - are most bikes nicked from closes that have windows on the landings (as opposed to closes with skylights)?

    I was in the Morrisons carpark at Crossmyloof the other day and when it's dark you can just see close landings with bikes on them up in the sky like illuminated advertising billboards.

  • As it's not the victim posting this I'll just say:

    Don't store your bikes in the close. It's not just a bad idea in terms of security, it's really selfish behaviour anyway.

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Stolen in Govanhill: Genesis CDA 20

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