Need help with buying a bike in London

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  • Hi guys,
    I am looking for a new bike, mostly for just commuting around London but planning to maybe go on longer trips with it in the future. I think I decided I'd like to go for a geared bike (I feel intimidated by using a single speed for uphill rides but I could be wrong) with a more vintage / elegant look, which I actually find more in SS/fixies.

    Could anyone recommend a good brand / shop / website that might have a bike like that?
    This one I found is pretty close - an Ortler bike from bikester­own-blue-1124234.html
    I don't know anything about bike brands so not sure how good this one is. For this one I am also not sure about the front rack aesthetically (might be useful practically though) and ideally would like to find something cheaper for around £200-300

    Any advice is greatly appreciated, thank you!
    PS I am based in Hackney

  • Anyone ?:)

  • more vintage / elegant look

    With a bit of scouting around, you could pick up an old 3-speed (or 4/5-speed) roadster cheaply? (bit on the heavy side, but you get gears for your hills) Keep an eye on here, in the classifieds and see what comes up - maybe put in a wanted ad with size details, etc?

    Edit - also welcome to the forum!

  • Welcome to the forum. If I were you I’d go 2nd hand as well.

    On the “heavy but sturdy and practical classic roadster” theme as suggested above this one could be a good starting point. You’d have money in your budget for a service and to fit mudguards. It comes with an old school dynamo on the rear wheel as well which can be made to work with modern led lights.­e-refurbished-Raleigh-1954-copper-3-spee­d-Sturmey-Archer-Dynohub-/254775538573?_­trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292

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Need help with buying a bike in London

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