FS: Wide as the Clyde fork. Glesga version of a Crust Clydesdale.

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  • So I made this, but I already have an Omnium style cargo bike and a cycletruck to try and redo and my garage is only so big!

    It's a bit more basic in design than the Clydesdale but seems to work alright. It is slightly shorter overall than the original fork and 26" wheel that would have been on the GT I have it fitted to but the bb only dropped by like 5 or 10mm. Original fork's a2c was 400mm so it wants to go on a bike designed for that kind of fork length.

    Steerer tube is a bit short at 160mm. It could be extended if this is too short but that's probably a separate conversation with any potential buyer.

    This listing is just for the fork but if you really want/need, I could probably be persuaded to part with the big Wald basket and/or either the Skyway wheel (which is a respaced rear with a screw on disc adapter on the freewheel thread) or another 20" disc wheel I have just built.

    I'd like to ask £65 (which includes postage and paypal fees).

    PS I've taken a couple rides with this and had the Wald basket variously zip-tied, toe-strapped and bongo-tied to it so the amazing paintwork is a bit scratched in places but only in the same places where you'd scratch it up within 5 minutes anyway.

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  • Dibs, you got PM

  • second if Chak doesn't take it...

  • Right, @MCamb pmed me first so first dibs to him though he did say the steerer may be too short, 2nd to @chak and 3rd to @Alban.

  • Thanks man, but I’ll step aside to Chak

  • 4th please!

  • 5th dibs

  • DAMN 6th please

  • maybe do a little run of these 6th dibs?

  • Ditto. I'd be so down for this.

  • yasss sign me up.

  • what bars are they?

  • Rad!

  • Thanks all, this one is sold but I’m definitely thinking about how I could do some more.

    @Settle bars are made by myself too. They are basically a lowered bmx bar. You interested? Can supply measurements if you are.

  • Please do!

  • They look great man, definitely interested in hearing more.

  • I would be also 100% interested in a fork if you decided to make more 🙏

  • Another show of interest if you ever do another run! Got a GT that’s desperate for a fork like that

  • Id also chuck my hat in the ring for a mini production run!

  • So I've been thinking about a small run and how I could do that.

    I've maybe shot myself in the foot a bit by selling this one so cheaply but it was a bit of an experiment and based on a fork and materials I had spare and I bought the fork a while ago and have made use of it so I didn't factor in any cost for that, only my labour and to be honest, not even really covering that.

    The cheapest way for me to do more is to work with a donor fork as I can buy suitable forks for less than the parts and labour to build one. With this design there is really nothing to be gained by building the 'base' fork either.

    I think that realistically I'd be needing to charge more in the region of £120-£150 for them if I were to do any more.

    Would anyone still be interested at that kind of pricing?

  • I would still be interested at that price cause that’s still miles more affordable than the alternatives.

    Might be worth it using forks anyway to make them more customisable.. ie, straight legged bmx style is a lot more suited to mtb use, where classic touring forks with a bit of rake would work well for more road oriented frames.

  • Yep, I’d still be in at ~£150

  • yes, me too

  • Yep, up to £150 would also be acceptable.

  • Yep!

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FS: Wide as the Clyde fork. Glesga version of a Crust Clydesdale.

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