Antonov Elin track / tarck build

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  • hi everyone, at the moment i wait for an early 2000s ukrainian made Antonov Elin frameset that is "on its way" from russia, st. petersburg. russian post seems to be ultra slow, I think it doesn't arrive in 2020 anymore. so in the meantime I already built a wheelset for this project. I plan to use many campy parts, but not exclusively. here are some first pics.
    I plan to use either sheriff hubs on omega rims or campy pista rims on ukrainian made Harmony Lab hubs.

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  • I feel like ignoring this thread for saying "campy" 3 times...
    But it's a interesting frame, will you repaint of are the decals removable?

  • yeah sry, its my 2nd post, still learning.
    the decals seem to be painted, but I didn't made up my mind if I want to respray the frameset. It definitely would be an improvement, as it has several paintchips already

  • This needs Fluidisk wheels.

  • it finally arrived, so here are some first unboxing pics and some thoughts:
    the frameset is beautifully crafted, nice aero rearstays and fork blades, but the paint seems to be really fucked, but looks like cosmetics only, no cracks or strange holes in the fiber. but a restoration paint job looks rather time-consuming, so this is something for the future. oh and I need a reaaally long seatpost, I'm mainly limbs

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  • Nice and ratty ! is it weight alot?

  • For some reason the ratty looks add to the allure of this frameset

  • frame weights 1370 g and fork was about 500g , so F+F 1870 g

  • That's not bad . I thought it was a 2kg frame

  • Class! Should build this as a rat, ride it and then paint later down the line

  • first test ride was very nice, but, as I thought, a longer seatpost would be better. and maybe a bullhorn shaped like LA84 oder 3t Moscow would give it a nice touch, too. frontal area reminds me a bit of a ship's bow.
    tl;dr: here are some pics:

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  • and more pics

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  • even more

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  • Yeah, it’s too small for you. Sell it to me.

    [might be serious]

  • Me first please :)

  • currently not for sale, but I appreciate your enthusiasm :D

  • So good! Reminds me of mine when I was running it with Intergralters. I've been contemplating getting mine resprayed something nice but there's something about the roughness which I kind of enjoy.

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  • yeaaah your rat version is really nice !

  • quick update on the seatpost:
    I found a long enough Campy mtb seatpost, it's got a nice grey ano finish, and it matches the rest of the components well.
    I did a snap with the other post for lengh comparison. hopefully I can spin the beast this weekend and take some shots in sunlight. also need a 1" ahead cap, for now a 1 1/8" cap has do to the job.

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  • That's quite the drop! Love it with the shallow rims on it.

  • yeah, it is a little ridiculous, thus I am searching for a bullhorn á la LA84 or 3T Moscow, so if anyone has a spare, I'll glady take it.

  • are those the wheels from kleinanzeigen with a set of miche cogs?

  • yes, I bought them from kleinanzeigen some months ago and they came with all the miche cogs. I changed the bearings as they use standard 6000 RS ones, so now spinning smooth AF. heavy as fuck tho, but when they spin, they feel like a flywheel. and they are slightly beaten, so match the ratty look well.

  • I have a set of uncut 3T Moscow bars in the basement. No idea what the going rate is these days (in Austria)

  • that sounds sweet, could you send me some pics of it?

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Antonov Elin track / tarck build

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