Help with bike size

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  • I am 5ft5 and bought a Genesis Croix de Fer size S which at the time felt right but I've never been fully comfortable on it. According to the chap at my local cycle shop the bike is too big but I'm seeing different size guides online and can't quite figure out if he's right or if it could be something else... (somebody else said it was the saddle, but I tried a couple of different ones and it didn't help)
    Any ideas on how to decipher this? Would hate to have to sell it, such a good bike.

  • 5ft 5 and a size small bike should be fine I’d imagine. According to Genesis you are in the right size bracket so it may be something else.

    Perhaps the bars are too wide or stem is too long for you. However These can be changed cheaply and easily.

    If you’re really struggling and want to get it completely sorted then it’s worth getting a bike fit, but they can be expensive. I’d try some cheap smaller bars/stem first.

  • Ah thanks for the advice! My bars and stem dont feel too long but I might measure everything and see. I wonder if other people have been faced with similar issues w Genesis bikes?🤔

  • What is it that makes you feel uncomfortable when youre riding it?
    Does the bike feel too big when you stand over it? Do you feel too stretched out? Maybe the saddle is set too high and your saddle to bar drop is too big?
    Start by trying to get to the bottom of that question and that might help you understand what you need to change.

  • Hey thanks so much for the tips. I think I’ve honestly tried all the different variations... The most obvious issue is that I don’t feel fully comfortable to put my weight on the saddle properly so I end up either pushing myself up off the pedals too much or putting too much weight on my upper body - making my knees, arms and wrists hurt. Then with longer rides I find myself constantly moving back and forth on the saddle - especially when I want to put more power into it I end up pushing myself backwards to the extend that half my bum isn’t the saddle. Probably sounds really odd.
    The guy at the shop said that if the frame is too big everything else will be too including the cranks hence my difficulty pushing on...
    When I stand with the top tube between my legs it feels like the perfect height though sits just a couple of cm from touching.

  • It's almost impossible to advise without seeing the rider on the bike - this is exactly the sort of advice that a newcomer should get from experienced club mates...... but you have to be in a club to get this !

    One question - what length cranks are you using? At your height it's likely that 170mm (6.75") are too long for you. Personally I find a very small difference in crank length makes a significant difference to how I feel on a bike - I wish it didn't, but I've noticed it repeatedly.

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Help with bike size

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