• Can I dibs the Surly forks pending me measuring my headset stack tomorrow?

    Cheers Andy

  • @mattyc has first dibs really and you second.

  • Morning, looks like I need 20mm more steerer so I’ll get out of the way and let @Dicko have a go


  • No worries, cheers for letting me know.

  • Interested dibs on the kinesis fork, what size is the gravel king in the pic? looks pretty snug... sorry forget that, steerer too short :/

  • Surly fork and 20t iso cog still available and adding this crazy bullmoose bike packing handlebar.

    The steerer clamp and ‘stem’ portion is from a Nitto x Fairweather b903 that I had and hated the sweep on. The actual handlebar bit is a motorcycle drag bar.

    I made the bar as a basic bullmoose and used it for a while on a couple bikes then sold it to my mate who requested the addition of the hoop to attach a dry bag to. This is made from the bottom of a bmx handlebar.

    He found the bar a bit harsh on rough terrain which I think is due to the wall thickness of the motorcycle handlebar. He put up with it for a while but some injuries to his wrists mean that he has replaced these with a bar with a bit more give so I said I’d offer them on here for sale on his behalf.

    When I used them without the hoop on the front I didn’t really notice them being too harsh, they are heavy though. Always have been and the addition of the hoop, well, it hasn’t made them any lighter has it!

    They are 810mm wide, have 100mm of extension from the centre of the steerer clamp to the centre of the handlebar and about 8 degrees of slightly upwardly angled back sweep. The hoop extends 150mm off the front of the bar and is 250mm wide at the point where it joins the bar.

    The ends are capped with 5 euro cent coins which seems strangely apt as we approach the end of the Brexit transition period.

    £40 posted.

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  • Go on then!

  • Dang seconds on this please

  • And they are gone.

  • wow - would deffo have gone for those if I'd seen earlier!

  • You make any more of those bulmoose, give me a shout.

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FS: Mad bikepacking bullmoose handlebar, Surly Crosscheck fork & 20t iso cog

Posted by Avatar for M_V @M_V