• SOLD Pair of Gravel King SK in blue, Nile Blue was the official name for the colour I think. 700x43mm. They’ve been run tubeless so there are some remnants of sealant in them. They’ve also been used fixed so the one that was on the rear is a bit worn. Front is good though. Rear also has a patch on the inside, probably wasn’t necessary but I got a puncture on the last ride I did with tubes in and then was setting them up tubeless so I just patched the tire to be doubly sure it’d set up easy enough.

    £20 posted for the pair. SOLD

    Velosolo 20t 1/8” cog. Very very little use. I ordered a 19t to go on a new wheel set but they were out of stock so took this instead, the hearing was too light so I used an old 19t I had and just ordered a new one the other day as they’re back in stock.

    £15 posted.

    Photos to follow.

  • Interested in the gravel kings pending pics plz !

  • Photos.

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  • Oh sorry MV, just seen you’ve uploaded pics. GKs are very cool but too wide for the frame I wanted to use them with :)

  • No worries. Cheers.

  • Adding a few more things,

    MOVED TO EBAY Profile Design Airwing OS handle bar. 40cm wide, 31.8mm clamp, have holes and grooves for cabling.

    £25 £20 posted MOVED TO EBAY

    MOVED TO EBAY Dura Ace bl-tt79 brake lever. Don’t think it matter what side you use it on, looks to be totally symmetrical.

    £40 £35 posted. MOVED TO EBAY

    SOLD Thomson 27.2mm post in beater condition. Cut to 205mm from rails to end. Plenty scuffs and scratches but also plenty life left in it.

    £10 posted.

    SOLD Blackburn stainless steel cage.

    Very little use, I just prefer King cages.

    £5 posted.

  • .

  • .

  • Pm’d

  • I'll take the Blackburn cage if it's still available

  • Arione please

  • Interested in both saddles

  • I'll pm you.

  • Thomson if not too late please. Pming

  • 2nd on Thomson, cage and either saddle

  • 2nd(?) dibs on Arione pls

  • I'll take the GKs if still going

  • Sorry folks, taken me a wee while to update this as its easier on the pc than phone.

    Arione, Blackburn cage, Thomson post and GKs sold.

    Fiver price drop on the tt bars and lever.

    To anyone that's bought anything, I didn't make it to the post office today but everything is parceled up and I'll be going tomorrow morning.


  • Dibs Spoon saddle if still available, pm'ed

  • Sticking the bullhorns and tt lever on eBay, adding two forks.

    SOLD First up, this modified and painted Kinesis fgfs fork.

    Fork and bb5 road brake caliper £40 posted to your door. SOLD

  • Next up, Surly Crosscheck fork.

    Old school one from before they had mud blade eyes and stuff.

    Bit crusty around the crown and paint all over is showing signs of use but plenty life left in it.

    A2c 400mm and steerer is 210mm.

    £35 posted.

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    • DF404EFB-7BD6-4C27-A32B-50BB3A381AB8.jpeg
    • B35CD590-638D-4439-AFAD-07E221859EBD.jpeg
  • Assume the Kinesis is 1 1/8th not 1inch?

  • Will check a frame in the morning and get back to you on that surly fork 👍🏻

  • Apologies yeah, both forks are straight 1 1/8" steerer.

  • No bother. Cheers.

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FS: Mad bikepacking bullmoose handlebar, Surly Crosscheck fork & 20t iso cog

Posted by Avatar for M_V @M_V