what kind of head do you reckon the devil has?

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  • goat?



    prawn would be a good shout, but nobody's taken a picture of that.

    do you reckon he has a fork or some other weapon? goaty feet or bird feet? or maybe normal feet is what you reckon.

    how scared are you of the devil? do you think he lives in the objects that surround us?

  • The great satan is all around us, tempting us to do things we might actually enjoy, as opposed to the boring stuff god approves of, hence 'the devil is in the detail'.

    When she walked amongst us, she looked precisely like Margaret Thatcher.

  • Horses head. Woodlouse body. Speaks with a lisp.

  • colin, do you find that smarties make you naughty?

  • that's three very scary things, which is actually very halloweeny

  • The ones I ingested in the 80s and 90s certainly did.

  • Wait, are you talking about me?

  • Ayeah. all the questions to you right now.

    if you need to provide sketches i can give you my address

  • if you need to provide sketches i can give you my address

    Is this a classy way of saying “send nudes”?

  • the devil is often depicted with hothing on

  • All the better to show off his arse face...

  • Read something once that the church depicted him as goat like so all the peasants stopped worshiping Pan...the old pagan god or something who had horns. The church thought that then the people would believe in Christianity as they would think Pan was evil and not good. But what do I know...I like the thought of the devil being goat like though, as then his head fits into a pentagram nicely.

  • Same with serpents. In the old religions they represented positive things. All those old archetypes got rebranded by Christianity.

  • The church (or I guess individual evangelists) generally picked up existing customs and references wherever they went.

    So if you have a goat-footed good-time god that encourages un-Christian behaviour, they get identified with the devil. That mid-winter piss-up you were having anyway is now apparently Jesus's birthday, etc.

    Anyway I'm with William Blake up there: Lucifer is definitely meant to be a handsome devil. Beelzebub and the others might have arse faces and all sorts, though.

  • Here it is:

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  • The celts celebrated samhain which i think is the origins of halloween but the church tried to bury it by making all saints day. I guess they did it to nearly all old religions.

  • Yeah that's right...many 'religious' festivals and stuff are on dates of old pagan festivals so I have been told. Wasn't Lucifer once an angel how was kicked out of heaven and I think in some beliefs he was a sun god or bringer of light.

  • Shamain is what a lot of wiccan followers call it still today.

  • I think in those ones he was a she, but yep.

    On those grounds I'm going with (a rubbish picture of) Inanna, since demonizing rival gods is a running theme in the old testament too.

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  • horns is a real recurring theme here. do horns make an animal scarier? i'd say so.

    lucifer and beelzebub are often the same dude aren't they?

    are you more scared of satan or god? i'm not sure!

  • The devil at least can be tricked, and might be willing to trade worldly success or whatever for your immortal soul.

    God is supposed to be omniscient, omnipotent, and also spiteful, jealous and petty. Would definitely be more frightened of that one if he existed.

  • back like a surinam toad, birthing swarms of little darchangels

  • The devil at least can be tricked

    ..and out-fiddled.

  • Thread is asking the wrong question imo

    More important: what kind of head do you reckon the devil gives?

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what kind of head do you reckon the devil has?

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