• No word from no 1 dibs, so over to you. Just pm me and we'll go from there.

  • Added a Shimano cog I forgot to include in yesterday's thread update.

  • Are the Nitto B123s still available please?

  • Bad luck, but if you look at the above thread replies for the dibs, you'll notice you're third in line. Albeit, no 1 dibs has gone awol, so you never know:)

  • Yup, and I've Pm'd you but, with my recent experience on sales threads in mind, am just expressing that he still has a chance:)

  • Apologies, no1 dibs is (very unfortunately) retracting his dibs

  • OK, seen your pm/explanation and that sounds fair enough.

  • Well, you have third dibs on them now (it's in the thread), but also looks likely they'll be sold before the day is out.

  • Campag track nuts SOLD.

  • ok, thanks anyway.

  • Dibs the 16t ss cog, PM

  • Nitto bars and Shimano silver cog SOLD.

  • Timec pedals SOLD.
    And if anyone here's interested, I now have opened a thread for some nice MTB kit. See link: https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3561­18/#comment15624809

  • Price drops all round>>>
    But no more drops after this folks, whatever's left will be kept or sold on evilbay:)

  • Dibs...

    YBN chain
    Messenger 42t ring
    Single speed bolts

  • Are the brake levers still available? Can’t see any dibs on them

  • Yup, you're correct, there's no dibs. But someone bought a few other bits and then also asked for the brake levers and I forgot to ask that he dibs these also. Soz for that, but I did later mark them as sold in the thread above.

  • YBN chain
    Sugino 42t ring
    Single speed bolts
    All above SOLD.

  • Hi, is the TA bb still available? If so, can both threaded cups be removed and swapped for French or Italian ones? (I mean, by me after buying...)

  • I understand the Visions levers have gone. What about the DiaTech? I'm keen on them.

  • Oops, the TA bottom bracket sold some time ago but I seem to have forgotten to mention it in the thread (it's academic now, but I think TA may well stock the cups you need, as they're famous for holding a huge/diverse range of bits for their parts, and also keep stuff for their discontinued products for a long time). And yes, the Vision brake levers are gone, but the Dia Tech lever is still available. Just pm me.

  • Dibs on the DiaTech lever if it's not already gone please?

  • Sorry, but above chap who's shown interest in the Dia Tech has Pm'd me intending to buy, although of course didn't actually state "dibs" on here. I will let you know if it falls through though.

  • Dia Tech brake lever SOLD.

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Modern and vintage track and single speed kit FS: Nitto, Dura Ace, TA, Izumi, Campag, Sugino, Dirty Harry, BLB etc THREAD CLOSED

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