• Long story short, build myself these two some years ago, rode for few and then stopped but kept them. They did spend some time sitting outside before moving into the shed but you can see that it sat outdoors. Just to be clear. Personally would clean and service them and it will run smooth as butter.

    Fuji Track 2009, TT C to C 56cm, ST C to C 53cm, Lemond fork (I liked the black look) Veloce front brake, generic crankset, short mpart stem and swept-back handles, grips needs replacing, seatpost not stuck and will have the clamp once you are collectign. Paint job still decent but seen it's time. Used to courier with this. I can't remember the wheelset combo, rear is good, front decent as well, might need to regrease hubs. Durano Plus tyres. £140???

    Specialised Langster 56cm, Easton EC70 fork, Crane Creek headset, Cinelli seatpost, Cinelli pepper stem and handlebars (recovered at bricklane market after being stolen :) ), Fuji Track wheelset, Durano plus tyres, Campagnolo Veloce cranks, Veloce front brake. Same to us above, Fuji was mainly daily and Langster occasional. After a good service and clean will be a very nice ride again. I will give with a new 48t chainring and chain (sprocket to find) for this as the plan was to service and change drive train (new chain, sprocket, chainring). You will need new grips and seatpost has a small rip which lets water in, I used good solid tape over that. Otherwise, it still rides nicely. £200???

    I would rather let these go and then sit another winter not being used. Few more images are here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fpa7lhr243b2w­do/AAAH22DAO2CRrOQL6LfW_6TIa?dl=0

    Bikes are located in E2 Bethnal Green, most of the days work from home.

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  • Langster - sold/pending collection
    Fuji Track - provisionally sold/pending viewing

  • Morning, I’d be interested in taking either off your hands just in case sale/collection haven’t gone through. Josh

  • All sold now, sorry.


Fuji Track 2009 56cm & Specialized Langster 56cm (skull one)

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