• Im between medium and large, I sent an email to miltag about sizing. Im super skinny, 190cm tall and 67kg. my fave jersey is an endura pro SL in medium, and doing the comparison it looks like from the miltag sizing I should have been a large... but...

    I asked about the pro fit jersey and the Aqua jacket and here is what I got back:


    given your measurements you could go for either the medium or large in the pro kit. If you'd like it to fit very closely, I'd definitely go for the medium. The jersey has plenty of elastane in it so it has the capacity to stretch quite a bit.

    The Aqua jacket is meant to fit like a jersey with just a base layer underneath most of the time so I'd stick with the same size.


    so I went for a medium

  • Ordered. Thanks very much for organising.

  • Both caps ordered. Lovely stuff. Thanks for the organising.

  • Talk to me about long sleeve Vs short sleeve skin suits and being 46 next birthday pls.

  • Ordered. Thanks to all those involved.

  • Long sleeve= cyclocross /late season TT
    Short sleeve= road bike- summer.

  • That's what I was thinking.

  • He knows that. He’s more concerned he’ll look like a Mamil Gimp.

  • Does anyone own both Milltag and Rapha jerseys? How do they compare for fit?
    If I have a Rapha Pro Team jersey in Large that is a tight fit will I need a Large in Milltag? Their size guide puts me inbetween sizes :/

  • He’s got the cyclist look.
    I look like an oaf:

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  • I'm medium in pro team stuff and the milltag skinsuits. Saying that, it's a squeeze to get me into the milltag skinsuits at the best of times and I have to pull a face every time I pull the sleeve over my hands. So I guess you could go for either, I don't think the large would come up loose on me anyway.

    Tl;dr - I'm not actually that helpful 🤷🏾♀️

  • What kind of face?

  • No I concur. Rapha pro is a relatively good fit comparison for the ‘pro’ stuff.
    S in both, just, at 67kg and 177cm.

  • Sort of 😬+😳

  • Didn't work in FireFox, but did work in Chrome.

    I can't wait to do Brighton Bike Tag in my new LFGSS cap...

  • No face mask? Missing a trick there

  • Ordered. Thanks @lowbrows and all involved in making this happen. Jerseys look awesome. I can vouch for Milltag too. Pricey but my only other jersey which still looks like new is my 2016 Dunwich Dynamo one (also from Milltag).

  • I only went in for caps...

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  • Do you generally one size up for the pro jersey? Got a normal milltag jersey in medium and fits well (more due to height)

  • Order placed... ta

  • I don't but don't take that as read. My pro is reserved for crits, or for deep summer when I'm under 66kg.

  • Order placed - thanks to all those involved!

  • Yes, but aqua is pro fit right?

  • Good point- I still haven't sized up. But I'm not going to advise others to follow suit.
    In the past I've found that rapha pro team is good as a size guide. That remains my hope.

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LFGSS.CC Kit Order INCLUDING CAPS. Closing date 13th November 2020.

Posted by Avatar for lowbrows @lowbrows