• @ChainBreaker
    Heal up buddy.
    Maybe see you at another Wests?

  • Defo soon

  • Kit survived first ride & was perfect. 42 miles on a beautiful ride out south of Manchester.

  • Somehow missed this last year, it looks like great kit. I don't suppose there are any plans for a summer order are there?
    I'd be interested buying in a small pro jersey or a skinsuit if anyone has one for sale. It'd be a nice thing to wear whilst riding fixed around a small area of Manchester.

  • It might be worth contacting Milltag to see if they have any returns or spares hanging around.

  • Send me a pm
    On this note- I have a fair amount of Medium and Large sized stuff if people are interested.

  • Great kit, thanks @lowbrows for arranging it. The ss aerosuit seems especially good value to me, if you are considering picking some up I can highly recommend it. The fit on this round of kit seems about spot on to me.
    Thanks to @rhb for the photo!

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  • Great smile 😂

  • I bet the cap didn't fit

  • It is strange the sizing though, I have XS in both the TT suit and race crit suit, and the TT suit fits like a glove, but the race is suit on another level of squeezing into. Would have gone up a size personally

  • What?? I didn’t think anyone on this forum actually rode fixed, or is that just for posing?

  • ^ rumbled.

  • I have a fair amount of Medium

    Bib shorts?

  • No worries. If I could figure out how to turn off auto-emoji it'd make the family album a bit more enjoyable to look back on in years to come...

  • Forgot to zip up my jersey and sort helmet strap dangle for the kit selfie today. Perfect jersey & cap for a hilly ride in the sunshine.

    Another bit of forum kit, the burner, was useful until I started the big climb of the day as it was pretty chilly in the shade & descending until about half 7.

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  • Just seen this^ looking good @rhb ....and it’s only just occurred to me I should have a white (or lightener coloured) to go under light jerseys. I spent years designing base-layers and collection colours with this in mind - Staring me in the face! It’s on the ‘to-do’ list, when I get hold of more fabric.

  • should have a white (or lightener coloured) to go under light jerseys

    I guess they're mostly zipped up in use, but yes lighter would compliment this combo

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LFGSS.CC Kit Order INCLUDING CAPS. Closing date 13th November 2020.

Posted by Avatar for lowbrows @lowbrows