• Can you compare the sizing to the Aqua jersey or the normal SS Jersey?

  • I only have the normal jersey in a medium.

    My attempt at measurements for the MTB jersey are pit to pit 54cm, back length (collar to hem) 74.5cm. I’m in Clapton if you want to have a look at one?

  • My skinsuit and cap arrived, they’re both perfect! Thanks lowbrows and 6pt for all the hard work.

    Finally my pea head as paid off as the cap fits perfectly. If anyone wants to offload a pink cap, I’ll take it.

  • I'd like to swap my medium Pro Aqua Jacket and medium short sleeve jersey for your large ones. Originally posted in the wrong place, so just posting it again here for later while I go back through this thread.

    I know, you fat bastad/ you fat bastad/who ate all the pies etc

  • Congratulations on your lockdown gainz.

    If you like you can buy my large Pro Aqua Jacket & large short sleeve jersey and then return your medium versions to Milltag for a full refund. I'm in N16 in case you want to try them on.

  • Kit arrived in France today - thank you @lowbrows and @6pt too I think :) Milltag kindly wrote it was worth half as much as I paid on the tag, so no customs fees or anything else. Luckily I ordered fat sizes so all seems to fit nicely, albeit I can see the hat's a bit on the "high" side, but I reckon it'll stay on my bonce. Thank you again!! :-)

  • Thanks,
    they didn't really bring their 'A' game.
    Let's see if the weekend brings similar events as other garments make their debuts.

  • Seeing photos of the pink caps makes me wish I'd ordered one now... @lowbrows will there be any extras available?

  • I've decided the Aqua Pro is not something for me, it won't get used much if I keep it.
    Anyone keen on buying it? - Size XL
    Would rather spare Milltag the hassle of returning it if possible

  • Aside from my brother mishap, took my long sleeve skinsuit and aqua jacket out.

    Very happy with the XS fit, surprised but super happy the winter training has paid off a little.

    I thought the LS skinsuit would have had the same race crit zip where the zip can be undone fully. It was definitely interesting to go to the toilet at what it felt like I was at 90 degrees. (TMI I know)

    Thanks to @6pt and @lowbrows for this lovely piece of kit. Hopefully I can swap XL skinsuit for my brother and we can be matchy matchy in London and the lanes.

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  • Aqua jacket is great, thanks @lowbrows and @6pt. I particularly appreciate the "leave them all behind" motto in the silicone gripper on the hem - a call back to an earlier Milltag Ride band-themed kit?


  • Went for a father and daughter uniformed ride...

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  • I thought you might prefer pictures of her rather than me.

  • That's sweet

  • Good to see someone ordered the right size kit!

  • New kit looks great. Took it out for a spin today and didn't crash so that's something. Lots of riders and runners out enjoying the spring weather in the Essex & Herts lanes.

  • Used the long sleeve yesterday which was very enjoyable, but included the first use obligatory crash, thankfully this one was on soft dirt.
    Another happy and thankful kit owner.

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  • Ah that's where my crash went, cool. Thanks for taking one for the team

  • Got mine today. 30e customs charges (13-ish VAT, the rest handling). Hat is doesn't fit that well.

    Jersey came a size bigger than ordered but having tried it on, I'm glad. Even if I wasn't in covid-winter shape it'd have been too short.

  • The jackets look good. Wishing I'd got one now.
    If anyone has a medium they don't want, let me know!

  • The jackets look good.

    It's really good!

    Lockdown means I fit 😞

    Excuse the grimace... First ride of the season my face doesn't know it yet.

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  • Unlike @d0cA - my cap order to Denmark was not marked down by Milltag to swerve any charges
    Unlike @atz - I wasn't prepared to pay double VAT and a comedy processing charge. I don't want to pay £50 for a cap.

    So after a little back and forth, Pete @ Milltag has refunded me my £18, which I have just donated to the forum instead.

    I'd rather have had the cap, but hey ho. I'm glad I don't operate a UK small business trying to sell to Europe, having to deal with Brexit induced idiocy for such a simple and small sale.

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  • Congratulations on your lockdown gainz.

    If you like you can buy my large Pro Aqua Jacket & large short sleeve jersey and then return your medium versions to Milltag for a full refund. I'm in N16 in case you want to try them on.

    Cheers. Let me see if I can get a swapZ or refund first and I'll get back to you. Have just emailed Milltag about refunds...

    Edit: also, apologies to my European friends on behalf of the knuckle dragging populus in the UK who voted for Brexit. What a mess.

  • Yeah I really like the aqua.

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LFGSS.CC Kit Order INCLUDING CAPS. Closing date 13th November 2020.

Posted by Avatar for lowbrows @lowbrows