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  • 17p an hour over a year is a decent saving!

    Edit - just realised it’s only limited hours, not every hour : (

  • Considering the cost of energy, that 17p is probably just from not using it rather than a reward. We’re signed up to that but we use so little it would be hard to reduce by 20%

  • Lol. If we cut down more than this I think we’d have to live in darkness for the next session.

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  • We had the lights off!

  • We would normally be cooking between 5-6pm, so we shifted when we had dinner that night, and during 5-6pm we were sitting down for a read with pretty much everything turned off apart from the light in that room.

    Everyone who took part saved 108MWh compared to their normal usage, which octopus claim is the equivalent of needing one less gas power plant.

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  • Wow nice!

  • Anyone else having trouble viewing smart meter usage data on British Gas account?

    It is literally the worst time to be having technical issues - when gas is so expensive you want to have a handle on monitoring it.

  • Similar problem with Eon next, gas meter doesn't show a reading (and hasn't since August), doesn't send readings to them either.
    I've been told by several customer service staff to press the Ok button for X seconds, press twice again, that'll take me to the join menu, no it fucking won't, as I told them in September, it's faulty, which bit of faulty do they not understand?
    Anyway, got another email today saying that the metering team say the following will definitely reconnect the meter....hold the Ok button for X seconds , press the Ok button twice....oh dear god!
    Just sent an email to customer complaints, not that I expect anything to be resolved, they better do summat soon, I move out in two weeks.
    Good luck getting yours sorted.

  • Has anyone using Octopus had their results of last week saver session, I just get an error message when clicking through on the link.

  • Customer services at Eon next got back in touch.....
    They can confirm that they can't get readings from my gas meter, and if I could be so kind as to give them a manual reading?
    Erm, no I can't do that because the meter is fucked!

    That was Saturday morning, today's email reply.....

    Hi, we've managed to get a reading from your meter, and have updated your account.
    So your electric balance is up to date, could you please send us a gas reading, then we can update that too.

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
    So inept, they can't even read an email properly.

  • Apparently Eon understand I'm frustrated by their inability to resolve my gas meter problem.
    Excellent, just fuckin sort it then.

    To cap it all, the latest customer service advisor (whom I'm currently in a WhatsApp chat with) to get involved signs off with a unicorn emoji after her name. How cute!

  • signs off with a unicorn emoji

    Symbolising the rarity of getting hold of customer service?

  • Seeing lots of smart meters are a scam/conspiracy etc. videos doing the rounds on TikTok, Twitter etc.

    How do people not understand how they work? Begs the question have these same people ever stood and watched traditional meters to see the dials change? I think not

  • Yep, email came through explaining that they had some delays with a particular type of meter but think it's sorted now

  • How do people not understand

    Have you met people

  • Oh good point, yeah 😑

  • Never thought of it that way, you could be onto something.

  • Met a friend in a cafe I know today. They're "celebrating" being open for 3 years, by opening 7 days a week and in the evenings.

    Their electric has gone from 200 a month, to 2,000. And the bar over road (which is now up for sale after being open less than a year): 3k to 15k.

    Words fail me.

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Energy Suppliers, Suppliers of Energy. Gas / Electric

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