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  • My current fun with an energy supplier is OVO.

    My neighbours have moved house (multiple neighbours - downstairs... one over to the left, downstairs to the right, across the road)... and it seems to have left OVO with a problem.

    The problem is that they have 2 meters consuming energy and they don't know who they belong to.

    Well... they used a third party service, who concluded the answer was me. But these are not my meters, that is not my address, they don't have my phone number... but because they put my name on the bill Royal Mail have managed to put it through my door. And with reasonable likeliness if I don't get it sorted - this unpaid bill belonging to someone else becomes a thing on my credit history.

    I'm several days into this... have already wasted 90 minutes on the phone to no end... and am now emailing back and forth (but only daily - their response latency is high).

    What a ridiculous mess! And why would they use a third party to figure this out? As far as I can tell they've taken the post code, and maybe sequential proximity of the MPAN numbers for the meters, and just guessed that I'm the one to bill.

  • What a ballache. Surely it can’t be that hard to work out?

  • The frustrating thing is that they're putting the onus onto me to prove that these are not my meters and that they've got it wrong.

    I've sent photos of my meters, photos of my bills from Bulb, proof that I am a mortgage holder at the address that matches my Bulb bill and that matches the meter photos.

    Still not yet resolved.

  • Same with E. ON. Phone doesn't connect either.

  • If you want help and can’t find a solution then drop me a dm. Will know someone who can help

  • Just use the phone app. Went off to them straight away.

  • Thanks. Installed it but had to reset password and of course the website is swamped and I can't do that 😂

  • Does anyone know where to find out the latest charges coming in from April? Octopus dont start till midnight saturday so wanted to do a comparison

    Edit: seen the latest figures now

  • My Octopus fixed contract ended a couple of months ago and I am on the flexible tariff now. They predicted a rise to around £160 from £98 previously but even with the new unit prices it's still below my old direct debit. That's with me still working from home.
    Their fixed tariff would have been £232 a month.

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  • Energy price cap set to rise to £2,800 in October­2657

  • That number is useless by itself and I don't like how they always report it. Needs a series so you can apply the relative increase to your own bills

    Date Cap
    2022 Oct £2,800
    2022 Apr £1,971
    2021 Oct £1,277

    So basically by Oct we'll be paying double what we were last year

  • Insane

  • Be jumpers for Christmas here kids.

  • Be jumpers for Christmas here kids

    Drill a hole through to the loft next door and hook an extension lead splitter into their loft light bulb, and use that to power a heater in your house.

  • Octopus suggest you can cut your bills with an electric blanker­36281917440

  • I guess if you are passively consuming tv or whatever having an electric blanket on you - as opposed to heating the room - would be more efficient.

  • There may be more trouble ahead

  • Best getting one of these wood burners fitted in the house at this rate.

  • Just wondered what the forum consensus is on paying quite a bit more now and fixing energy bills or sticking on the price cap?

    British Gas are currently offering customers 35% more to fix.
    Looks like EDF have the best deal (for existing customers) at 24%.

  • If you value certainty over price then fix. If you get offered a deal with your existing provider at +25% or so then that’s probably a good idea. If you’re cash strapped stay variable for as long as possible and hope something better comes out later.

    Prices will go up, and at the current rate not come down overly quickly in part due to Russia and the fears of European embargoes. Cornwall Insights analysis reckons it’ll drop to about this level again by spring next year, having increased in both Oct and Jan price cap increases (as these are now quarterly)

    The 25% increase isn’t by accident, its about the increase that we’ll see in the next cap, when annualised over the year (which is how energy trading works), so that’s likely where companies are pricing so they don’t lose too much vs the next cap

  • Re: BG offering a fixed rate, does this include the standing charge(s)?

  • Appreciate that @C4r1s 👍

  • Its actually not a mental idea......

    I've just ordered 2x milwaukee battery powered heated jacket/gilee.

    Triple usage! At my work its cold in morning before monster 44kw wood burner does anything, on motorbike in winter it means you can actually ride in Scotland and not die of exposure (can run it direct from the bike or on a battery) and at home, just minimal heating and use jacket to heat your body*

    *Quadruple win, charge it from a location where my energy is paid under a fixed price contract from years back at a nice 7p/kwh, 5.0aH battery lasts a very long time on those jackets.
    Information from building preservation people is that around 14c is often the best temp to maintain properties that are out of use, or low habitation, as its enough to keep it above outside temp so that stone/old school buildings do their thing of pushing moisture out of the stone from the inside + its a low temp so less humidity will hang in the air + cost to heat to 14c is I think less than half of getting it to 19c? (source = gut feeling watching the money meter spin round half as fast).

    Jokes aside, this winter folk are going to die in their own homes, lots of them, unreal. If you've got elderly/infirm neighbours, go and check on them more often, stick some money on their meter if you can spare it.

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Energy Suppliers, Suppliers of Energy. Gas / Electric

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