The Everybody is Doing a Kitchen Thread

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  • It seems everyone is redoing kitchens at the moment.

    Post your plans / progress / readers' wives here.

    @Velocio, @Cupcakes, @Cornish_Bike

    Peak LFGSS has arrived.

  • And here's my plans:

    (Ignore the colours etc - they're just to highlight the different surfaces)

    Everything is custom size - the plan is to have everything cut by Cutwrights in 18mm MFC, and to use Blum Legrabox fittings

    The worktops will probably be quarz.

    There's still decisions to be made about having a range versus separate hob / oven, and the standard induction vs. gas debate.

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    • kitchen-plans-v0.03_1.png
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    • kitchen-plans-v0.03_9.png
  • A few photos of ours

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    • FB887D80-6AAE-43A4-8A6C-10ABEFF2CE74.jpeg
    • F58F06AF-35CA-46E7-8FE1-2A7224FBE7EB.jpeg
  • Inside

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    • 38DF1619-8F3A-4054-A8D0-A37A46198389.jpeg
    • 1A0476E0-894C-4EF1-8D9E-8BB82026EBE7.jpeg
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    • 31B498D2-3011-4A4F-9DA7-B3C40E299033.jpeg
  • Larder, fridge, coffee

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    • 6925F70E-1451-4867-887C-C7B6E2006C57.jpeg
  • It does get cleaned and tidied, but is also heavily used.

  • Sick larder. Very jealous of that space!

  • Peak LFGSS has arrived

    Kitchens are nothing... have you seen what Dov is having to do?

    Home ownership is a game of musical chairs, every 30 years the music stops and someone gets a surprise bill for about 10-15% of the total cost of the home.

    For my house it seems this is my turn, and the kitchen will end up being £55k due to electrics, boiler and plumbing failure forcing an overhaul, and the roof costing £7k due to general amateur hour on past maintenance. At least I'm getting Miele goods out of it and can nerd out on Home Assistant for my oven and dishwasher :D

    My plans are here:­8286ba780bb62671c732d535f65b354a25c85b.p­df
    Documentation and progress here:­28/

  • I will lower the tone a bit and post some before images.

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    • [Group 0]-IMG_1870_IMG_1872-3 images_0000.jpg
    • IMG_1852.jpg
  • I prefer to cook on gas

  • Next project is the garden design, patio, hard landscaping and planting of trees.

    And, for the golf club fans, consideration of where we could put an endless pool.

  • That was very, very good television.

  • Top photo before and bottom one after?

  • Good idea for a thread @TW

    My kitchen is currently at a standstill as I try to figure out how to repair around 30m of floorboards, or replace 30m^2. Also lots of plaster came off the walls so we have booked someone to put it back again. Meantime, I've got a kettle and a microwave in the lounge, which is also my office because pandemic.

  • What was the name of this show? ringing a bell..

  • We relocated our old kitchen into our garage during the building works. It was useful to have a full kitchen but fucking cold in the middle of winter.

  • Inside No 9

  • I bet!

    Current gripe is having to do the washing up in the bath. I broke two glasses yesterday.

    I'm aiming to minimise cost and maximise quality. A classic LFGSS x IKEA x Worktop Express mashup. It seems the opportunity cost is my sanity and the programme; I'd hoped it could be done in a week or so but of course that was properly naive.

  • Current gripe is having to do the washing up in the bath. I broke two glasses yesterday.

    The worst. We moved to Germany in March right as the lock-down started, apartment was without a kitchen so we did the washing up in the bath and cooked on an electric stove for about 3 months waiting for an Ikea delivery slot.

    After and before.

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    • IMG_3762.jpg
    • IMG_1588.jpg
  • before

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    • Screenshot 2020-10-28 at 17.10.23.png
  • yes! thank you

  • As a fellow Dutchman in Germany/Berlin I also still find this strange; a rental apartment normally doesn't have a kitchen apparently. and when you move you take it with you..?! We also put a lot of effort in our kitchen, with as limited IKEA as necessary. lemme dig out pictures.

  • still find it wild that germans take their kitchens with them. I'm doing that when I leave this place

    here's the before and after on our recent reno

    with bonus 'you probably cooked with it like this for years didn't you' pic

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The Everybody is Doing a Kitchen Thread

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