• Built up to do #nogravel and served me very well..other projects/ideas have me looking to move it on.

    Has full shimano GRX 810 groupset and is built at the moment with Kenda 40mm gravel tyres (not photographed).

    Don't want to end up putting this on ebay..

    asking £1300

    Collection in Ealing/Central or can post in UK for £40.

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  • if this comes to a splitting situation, I might be interested in the full groupset if 1x and depending on details&specs. (no pedals or wheels needed).
    GLWS anyway :)

  • Second dibs on the groupset if it comes to a split.

    Also potentially interested in everything apart from the frameset

  • Would be curious on price of the frameset if split. Not that I can afford it, but curious.

  • Dibs on frameset then


    seems I need 54cm frame, undibs, sorry

  • Might be interested in the wheels but can’t make out what version they are.

  • Yeah @HoKe ditch that LOOK and get this!

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  • How tall are you? Would like for my wife to try this, she'd be interested in just the frame if it fits, but it seems there is plenty of interest in everythign else already

  • been away a couple of days so just catching up with this.

    Dms have been replied to.

    Groupset is GRX 810 1x11 with 170, 40t, 11-32t ultegra cassette.
    Wheels are hunt aero light disc thru axle.

    Didn't particularly want to split but figure the pricing would be

    £500 frame
    £500 groupset
    £300 wheels

  • undibs , thanks @rakesmith and GLWS :)

  • It's hard to know exactly without weighing the stock wheels etc but i'd expect there to be a minimum 250-500g weight saving. Those stock alloy gravel wheels aren't exactly weight weenie!

  • Pm'd


Cross is coming...FS Trek Crockett 52cm, Hunt Wheels, Shimano GRX

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