LFGSS DOTCC -2021 (hopefully)

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  • This forum does amazing things.
    We have the ability to do more. As 2020 rolls slowly to a close, and we all look to 2021 with a mixture of hope and apprehension- I think it’s high time we ‘re-launch’ the cycling club.

    In our midst are national champions at CX, TT, some pretty high ranking track and Crit racers, XC nutjobs and incredible endurance racers.

    We could in theory adapt to become an excellent training base for many of these sports.
    Virtual training rides and small group sessions, both on/off road and on track.
    There are areas we need to grow- and my hope is that the Dot CC section will grow to include a women’s team, with dedicated training sessions, and appropriate support.

    There is a large amount of logistics- and I guess I’m hoping that now we’re all(not all) old and ride geared bikes in at least the same proportion as we do our sweet fixies, that we can use the talent and general piss-taking to our advantage next year.

    So to that point- things I’m going to aim to help with:

    1. Kit order
    2. Functional training and hopefully physiology testing(tbc)
    3. Vague Organizational skills
    4. Setting up the first AGM
    5. Setting up the sub-sections with appropriate people in charge

    DOTCC will always remain free to join, and aims to have as few barriers to entry as is possible.

    So- if you’re keen to help out. Coach. Ride. Race. Bicker. Let me know, and let’s get this next year organised.

    NB- the club name is Lfgss.cc
    DOTCC is just the nickname/ hashtag/ a useful way of separating DOTCOM (forum) and DOTCC (club).

  • Keen to getting fitter for racing next year. Also down for a bicker.

  • If there’s an unfit fat wankers sub-section then sign me up

  • If there’s an unfit fat turbo wankers sub-section then sign me up

    Which becomes rather niche but I have done many many more hours on the turbo than a real bike this year


  • LFGSSCC Zwift group rides, I'm in

  • You can confirm that I weigh 55kg, right?

  • This is coming for sure. From Monday(ish).

  • Sounds great. I don’t race, but enjoy training nonetheless and like the idea of virtual group training to help with motivation.

  • I've sent a support ticket regarding getting LFGSS kit in-game on zwift.
    Perhaps we should have a Zwift thread for less general chat, and more group rides organising etc

  • That was quick, I guess not then

    Hi Phil,

    Thank you for reaching out to us!

    In the past, we did have a program where Zwifters could submit requests to have their custom jerseys added to the game.

    Currently, we've directed our focus toward maintaining and improving the core Zwift experience, and the jersey program is on hold for the time being.

    If there's anything else we can help you with, please let us know.

    Ted M.
    Member Experience Agent

  • Hi Phil,

    Fuck off.

    Ted M.
    Member Experience Agent

  • Pretty much.

  • What is the 'core Zwift experience' tho?

  • Hi Phil,

    We're know this isn't what you were hoping to hear, but your team will still be able to ride together!

    If you'd like to ride with up to 100 of your fellow Zwifters this can be done by joining or creating a Meetup. Check out this article for more info on how to do this.

    If there's anything else we can help with, please let us know.

    You'll be receiving an email with a survey about our conversation. Please ignore the survey and respond back to this message if you have any additional questions.

    Ride On!
    Seth B.
    Member Experience Agent

  • I think they mean their spooky Halloween updates

  • XC nutjobs


  • I'm in. Remember doing race training laps of Tawny Common back in the day with eyebrows, dimi etc. Good times.

    Mooting the idea of a club hill climb next year too...

  • laps of Tawny Common

    Don’t let our secret training ground go public!!!

    hill climb

    This is one of the aims which I hope to achieve.

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LFGSS DOTCC -2021 (hopefully)

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