Brompton M6L Orange **SOLD**

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  • Recent advert for the clear lacquer bike on here reminds me I haven’t used this since I stopped commuting 4 years ago so it really needs to go.

    Collection only from Cheltenham


    Bought new from Mud Dock circa 2012

    It’s done about 15000 miles, but brand new rear wheel including hub about 200 miles ago, excellent mechanical condition overall. Includes Brompton (large) and Ortlieb (small) front bags. One brand new Marathon Plus (1.35 - this is in addition to the ones fitted which are both hardly worn). New Brompton foam handgrips and the glue to fix them. Brompton pedals new as I only ever rode it with SPDs. I realise it isn’t as nice spec as the clear one but not negotiable on price. Some small scratches on the top tube (see photo). Rear triangle hinge rebushed about 1000 miles ago (no current play).

    Any questions please ask.

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  • nice price considering what they are going for atm!

  • Potential dibs for a friend of mine

  • And the photo showing the top tube scratches:

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  • Just checked, he is not looking anymore, sorry

  • Bargain

  • dibs

  • 2nd dibs please

  • Shipping overseas maybe?

  • Optimistic 3rd dibs

  • optimistic extremely 4th dibs

  • Sorry - collection only.

  • Dibs and can collect if others fall through

  • Optiomistc dibs. Can collect whenever

  • Bleak but hopeful fifth dib

  • 6th dibs can collect asap.

  • You mean this ad?­52/?offset=25#comment15597212

    That's a scam and no Brompton in such condition would go for less than 1k.

    Yours should be closer to that too, revise your add, you were misled by a fraudulent post and yeah those bags are a good £100 on their own...

  • More likely I just didn't do sufficient research into what it might make! I still find it hard to believe the value that a bike almost 10 years old and having done 15000 miles retains (even if well maintained).

    That said what I wanted was a quick sale with collection and that's what I'm hoping to get. I can't blame the potential purchaser for my inattention to the item's value, although I do regret the association I made with what obviously is a fraudulent sale.

    Fingers crossed it will join its new owner this evening and he will have as much use from it as I have. If not I will proceed down the (long) line of dibs :)

  • Thats the spirit.

    I sold a Ti 2 speed a little while ago that had done a lot of miles and was very much like triggers broom. The bike had paid me back many times over and been loads of fun. A massive price for the thing just didnt seem fair. Buyer was going to use it and not sell it on for a profit so off it went.

  • SOLD

    Thanks for all your interest.


Brompton M6L Orange **SOLD**

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