Citroën 2CV6

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  • Brilliant, it’s going to be lovely

  • It doesn’t look much different, but it is.
    I’m hopeful the next update will be blue.

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  • It’s blue or at least some of it is.
    Approaching the end of second lockdown and I’ve not finished my first lockdown project, I need to get my finger out.

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  • So good. Subbed.

  • Amazing colour.. truly french. Nearly all pre war bugattis were the same.

  • The colour is blue petrel, scanned and mixed ! I’ve yet to see it in good light, but I really hope it’s accurate.

  • Looking back through pictures this sequence fills me with joy.

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  • Indeed, a progress to be proud of.

  • It was the rust that very nearly sent it to the scrapyard at various times over the last 10 years, this area in particular.
    I’m so glad we’ve had the time to save it.

  • great thread

  • I got some more pictures in better light today.
    The bonnet hinge panel which we replaced looks rather good.
    A shiny bit of the side curve struck a note as well.
    The doors have been filled and prepped as well.
    It’s taken a while but is progressing quite quickly now, I hope to have engine back in next week.
    I also saw someone about finalising the interior/ seats today, waiting for one more sample and then we decide.
    Hood and body lining were ordered last Friday.

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  • Glorious work.

    I must treat my BX GTi 16v to something similar one day.

  • Thanks it’s currently exceeding my expectations. Which it shouldn’t as I’ve known the paint guys work for years, but I was doubting our ability to have got the metalwork right.
    Let see a pic of the BX.

  • BX GTi 16v

    I love those cars. I second the demand for a picture.

  • Oh alright then. Serious lacquer peel on the tailgate and roof these days tho, and I darent look underneath for rot

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  • So so cool, I can’t remember the last time I saw one!

  • Yeah BXs seemed to go from unwanted ugly banger to rare classic overnight. Or maybe I just never noticed the change as I’ve never driven anything else! I think I see more DSs on the road than BXs which is amazing really. Still goes like a train tho, and I’ve just had the front suspension struts refurbished and spheres recharged so it’s super smooth again.

  • I’ve always had a liking for them but never had one, and as I now do about 3k a year and live in London it seems unlikely that I ever will. ULEZ and all that.

  • Congratulations to Citron for the excellent job he's doing on this car.

    Here's My 2CV.

    I'll post some comments in a few minutes.

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  • Sorry about the separate posts - I was interrupted.

    My Deux Chevaux is not a restoration job, although it's certainly had a lot of running repairs during my ten years of ownership. Its recorded mileage is now around 123,000 and I've done about 45,000 of the total.

  • It looks absolutely grand, is it your first one?
    So many people seem to have a history of owning them multiple times, myself included.

  • Continuation

    I seem to have a laptop problem - I the post seemed to post itself before it was finished and then I couldn't edit it.


    As you can see, the mileage is relatively low for a car of this age, and I think this is because it was off the road for some years before I came across it. This lack of use was, I think, responsible for a lot of the reliability problems I had at the beginning, and I wouldn't be surprised if this was the case with Jonny69's Ami and many other cars. In the end persistence has paid off and it's been pretty good in recent years (my fingers are crossed as I write this).

    This car is not really treated as a 'classic', just as a normal car - it's rare that I ever take it out without using a motorway at some point. The 30 bhp is just about enough to keep up with the traffic, although there can be worrying moments - for example, on the M2 approaching the M25 junction from the East it's necessary to get out into the middle lane while climbing a gradient which almost demands third gear.

    Even ten years ago the car attracted some attention, but now it's almost getting embarassing, although most comments are friendly - in France it's even more popular, and that's one of the reasons I've kept it - I've got a house in the Pas de Calais, and as a non french holiday home owner I feel it's good for public relations. I've even had someone say to me 'Anyone who arrives at my house in a deux chevaux is a welcome guest'. I have a feeling that the fact the car looks a bit tatty amplifies this effect - it's more effective in making people think they've gone back in time (which is what they like about old cars) because it looks more like how they remember the cars when they were still common.

    This is a car I would never choose to replace, but unfortunately I live within the North Circular so I'm in the ULEZ zone. I'm not at all sure how to resolve this.

  • Not my first. I had two Dyanes in the '90's and my daughter learnt to drive on them.

    The first of these was never much good - although it was fairly reliable it was just about worn out - its most notable feature was sluggishness.

    The second one was completely different - it was a Spanish import and LHD. For some unexplained reason it was the fastest of this type I've come across - my daughter admitted to seeing 140kph on the speedo (and driving it with six passengers plus herself, although not both at the same time).

    I got rid of it because it seemed to have too many faults to be worth repairing - if only I had it now!

  • ULEZ seems destined to change the vehicles we see around London, mine at the moment is destined to be exempt, but so many 80s, 90s & 00s will have to disappear.

  • Yes, and do we imagine for a moment that getting rid of a couple of 2CVs and the odd Cinquecento which happen to have survived is really going to do a lot for London air quality?

    You should be OK with your '76 car - I'm seriously thinking of buying a pre-war Morris Eight - just to be awkward!

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Citroën 2CV6

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